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Immigrating to the USA


In late March I will have finished my classes for IFAA personal trainer degree. I am form Greece and looking for a country to immigrate, most probably USA or Australia. I searched online and found a bunch of info on what I need to do in order to get a visa.

Anyone has any advice for me? What should I be careful of? Any reason not go immigrate to any of those 2 countries? Any case taht I won't be accepted in the USA? Thank you all in advance.


If your going to america, grow a beard and wear a towel around your head cause it will be really cold. Then leave your luggage unattended near a busy place i.e. a busy terminal at the airport and shout at the top of your voice ''AWWWWWWWWWHHH LLLAAAWWW''
From there you will be taking to a small room by some men, they will then take you to america. This is the standard procedure for entry into america... or so I heard


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Canada = Full.




the physical/fitness/ bodybuilding/supplement scene is JUST getting underway . IN america and in australia that shit is already very popular. come to taiwan and be the visionary.

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I don't know if OP has a troll history or you guys are just ribbing him but this is false.

I know you are likely joking but I think our country is actually vastly under populated.


Therajraj is very confused. Our population density is absolutely off the charts - as I type this there are 6 other people sharing the same square meter of space - which combined with the countless smoke-belching factories, urban decay and general "Mordor-esque" sense of impending doom which prevails over this nightmarish country, Canada is not a place you want to check out. Unless you're a hot Scandanavian chick, in which case, welcome!



I enjoyed this.


Nah, just some usual T-Nation love.


We currently have openings in Alabama, Mississippi, Alaska, and Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Might want to try Canada.


Thank you, haven't thought of Canada. I will look further into it.


Why do you want to leave Greece?


You're profile lists you at 18. If I were you I would get into university here, US or Australia and go into a field with plenty of demand in the country you choose.


I am going to close 19 in a couple of weeks. The only university I might go to is anything sport related, so sports and science maybe? Dunno, it is not a right time for me to go to university. Maybe in a couple of years. I want to leave Greece because the economy here sycks big hairy balls. Currently, 1 in 4 is unemployed. So yeah, I don't really like it here LOL.


Did I forget to mention Springfield, Massachusetts?

Great sports college, and new openings every day!


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I would get into a trade instead you'd have better results getting a job that justifies the cost of an education. Just my opinion. Also the rest of the baby boomer generation is retiring soon and they will need people to replace them.

Not sure where you can look it up but they do have listings of desirable professions for easy admittance to the countries you want to emigrate to. I know that US has this info available, not sure where to find it though.


Options include: Surgeon, Petroleum Engineer, RN, etc.


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