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Immigrating to Canada From the UK


If someone could give me an overview of what is required to immigrate to Canada from the UK, it would be much appreciated.
I have grown somewhat disillusioned with life in �??Great�?? Britain and being a male in his early twenties with no commitments whatsoever I figure I might give it a go in another country.
I realise my options are probably somewhat limited as I don�??t have any specific trade or skill(I would be willing to re-train however).
Is Canada short of any trades or professions, any in high-demand?

What city would you recommend re-locating to?; I�??m not familiar with the intricacies between west coast and east coast cities, other than they speak French in the Quebec province. I have a conversational level grasp of French if that helps.

Any feedback is appreciated.


Well i can say that canada is in desperate need of skilled trades, so i hope thats a start for you.

Grab a ticket to Calgary, Alberta. I’m pretty sure they’ll need ya.

Yup, Calgary is the place to be. All construction trades are in high demand with very high salaries.

Yeah, Calgary is ridiculous, paying people $15+ per hour for fast food gigs! The other guys are right regarding the trades here in Canada.

They are literally begging students to get involved, but there are few takers as most kids want to be lawyers and shit.

I’m not quite sure what you don’t like about Britain, but I don’t know if you’ll find it that much different in Canada.

Although, you will score some major ass with your accent!


Good Luck!

Anywhere in Alberta will pay you an arm and a leg for simple work. Edmonton is a little better if you’re aiming to make real money but it doesn’t matter much either way.

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All the info you need…

As others mentioned, Alberta is the place to be for a job seeker these days, it’s all oil realted if that wasn’t mentioned. Lots of money to be made but cost of living is insanely high.

Toronto, Ottawa, Vancover, Montreal, Halifax…al great places.

My favourites are Toronot and Ottawa.

You will no doubt be welcomed with opened arms, we are a pretty friendly bunch!

It was finally mentioned that at the end of the post regarding the recent skyrocket of cost of living in Alberta. Its easy to make money here but housing prices are rediculus. 300-400k will get you into what they call a new starter home.

Ive been in Alberta now for two years and likley wont live anywhere else in the country for the rest of my life. The weather is pretty nice, people are great and the jobs are plentiful.

[quote]jack_UK wrote:

I realise my options are probably somewhat limited as I don’t have any specific trade or skill(I would be willing to re-train however).
Is Canada short of any trades or professions, any in high-demand?

Most of the advice here is bang on. Alberta and British Columbia are booming and there’s lots of jobs to be had, especially skilled trades are in huge demand. Lots of construction jobs too, but not much of a future in those since the housing boom will cease eventually.

Jack, you mention not having a trade ticket. This may hold you back temporarily. Since the cost of living is ridiculously high and apartment vacancy rates are very low moving to the Western provinces may not be the best idea.
You don’t want to immigrate just to work 2 McJobs just to survive. Think strategically.

If you’re young and willing to train or apprentice moving to Ontario, Nova Scotia or New Brunswick may be a better option. Since the cost of living there is lower and the vacancy rates are higher it will be cheaper to live and go to a trade school. Either way all the best and God bless.

Energetic and hard working people, Canada welcomes you.

If you are looking for a place that is booming then as others have said Alberta is the place but I have heard of guys paying over 1k a month to live in a crappy garage there. Toronto is always a safe bet as there is tons to do in pretty much any area and the immigrant population is really high, so the jobs for people immigrating are much easier to get than elsewhere (So I have been told).

If you are looking to move to Toronto (biggest city) we can do an apartment swap, lol. I am actually going to Edinburgh (and by looking at your location you are in Eng) in January for a while so may not work.

Good luck

Yeah, Toronto is another good bet. I lived there for 10 years and had good times all around.

Since your still young and full of piss and vinegar, these links should be of interest if you decide to move there:






By the way, these are the two birds that will be welcoming you at the airport upon arrival!

It’s not $1000 for a crappy apartment in Edmonton. $1000 gets you a pretty nice two bedroom just off downtown. Realistically take a look on Craigslist or apartments but you should have no trouble with housing or finding a job.

Especially the job part. . . you can’t even mention being unemployed without 5 people offering you a job.