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Immediate Post Workout Carb?


In terms of a carb for immediate post workout consumption for insulin spike, what are some of the best foods? i dont wanna to the powder direction cause that gets pricey, but what foods can be consumed? iv searched the site but cant find much for examples. Wanna get some insight on what high glycemic carbs people are eating immediately post.


Surge Workout Fuel will be more efficient than whole foods. You can’t tell me with a straight face that you’re going to eat a decent post-workout meal for less than $2.27 per workout. So, no, the price is not a valid excuse. One serving started before training and nursed through the workout, then some cooked animal and carbs an hour or so after.


with shipping and the current US to CAD conversion rate, comes out to $97 for 22 servings. ya its a bit pricey


I just checked and, for our neighbors to the North, you can use promo code CanadaVIP for 20% off in the store, no minimum required.

That should help, and would end up around $3.50 per workout if my math is right. Still way less expensive than a whole food meal.


lol $97 is what it converts to after the discount. getting stuff shipped to canada aint cheap during these “almost WW3” times


Blah, blah, blah. I don’t want to… I’m in Canada too.
1 bottle of Plazma last just under a month on a three days a week program

Considering a decent carb (just the carb, nothing else) is around $2 a portion, Biotest will get my money. Which I’m due, very soon.

Or, oatmeal an hour before.


Rice Krispy Treats!!!

The small ones are around 17g per serving.


‘’ iv searched the site but cant find much for examples’’ Ha :slight_smile:

White rice/potatoes, refined wheat/pasta (do trial- error here)


Whey mixed with fruit juice or frozen banana.

Damn I am all over the place in this forum.


White rice is fast enough that it can be used in a glucose tolerance test. They have sealed partly cooked little bowls that take about 1 minute in the microwave. Pure glucose polymers.

I think Apricots are a high glucose fruit. Also most of what I have read suggests about 2 parts glucose to 1 part fructose after training (as the liver will pull in fructose). I think apricots are close there. If you count the starch in fruit you get pretty close to 2:1.


Hmm thats interesting mertdawg. I usually get caught up with ‘‘Zero fructose/only glucose’’ mindset and sometimes fruit is all i can find, which i feel kind of guilty for the lack of 100% starch. You think higher glucose/lower fructose fruits (I recall bananas) can serve as only PWO carb source as well?


My pre-workout and post-workout are the same. 2 Bananas, 2 tablespoons raw unfiltered honey, protein powder