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Immediate effects of Fast Fast

Started Fat Fast 4 days ago and I’m kinda freaked by the results. I understand that as the glycogen+water starts depleting there should be a sharp weight loss but DAMN! I dropped from 190# to 181# in 3 days! That’s equal to loosing a gallon of water. Vascularity in my calves and forearms has gone up, definition in my legs, shoulders, and abs is better. Even my wife noticed that I looked a lot slimmer (she’s not aware of the diet and doesn’t pay much attention in general). I’ve been popping 6 MD6 a day (about 1 every hour and half), 6 Tribex 2x/day, Nandro/Andro 40/30 2x/day. MethOxy 1tbsp 2x/day and kept my normal training volume. Recovery is starting to slow down so I’m planning on taking an extra day off (or more) each week. I cheated a little bit (lot) and had about 50g carbs (and creatine) a couple of hours before my leg routine today 'cause I thought it would help. It didn’t. Couldn’t squat worth a fuck. Legs wouldn’t coordinate with my back and I kept pitching forward and was pretty unstable. Gave up and tried to do some cardio (stationary bike). That lasted about 3 minutes before both legs were cramping. All-in-all my workout sucked. Anybody want to comment or share their experiences concerning the 1st few days on this diet?

If you make it 2 weeks, you’re mor man than I. I did great on the diet, losing 14 lbs in 13 days, had the beginnings of abs (the ones where you see the mirror and say where the fuck did these “lines” come from!) I was dead dude. My strength dropped dramatically and I felt- for lack of a better term- stupid. Seriously, my brain felt fucked after 3 days. My wife thought I was sick, cuz she didn’t see me eat (as opposed to the non-stop she was used to). Day 14 was the shit though. The night before I ate 3 slices of pizza, so I guess I carbed up. That next day I had my wife, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and her best friend drooling due to crazy definition and vascularity in my traps and forearms. The diet works, but it’s a bitch. The ends are worth it.

Yo Infinity. I’m interested to know how much muscle you lost, if any? Can you post some stats, such as beginning and ending body weights and bodyfat %? Cheers.

YO! As near as I can tell it was ALL fat! Seriously, though. I don’t take any measurements of bodyfat ‘cuz I use a mirror (and my wife and 2 chicks I work with to judge). My strength was only slightly off, and after I “fell of the boat” and had my carb binge, I walked around pumped for 2 days. I have leveled off, but I’m going on the diet again soon. I’ll see if I can get some more concrete numbers for ya’, and we’ll see if the diet will work multiple times, too@!

I tried a keto diet about 2 years ago (which I shouldn’t have done as I was way small, but I didn’t know any better), and lost a shite load of muscle… [shrug]

Did it again over Xmas for only a couple of days to lose ‘weight’ ASAP, so I could fit back into my suit for the biggest job interview of my life. I got into it, just, lost a bit of fat, dropped HEAPS of water, and as far as I can tell, kept most of my hard earned muscle! Cool!

But I swear, every time I even think of flax oil now, I wanna hurl…!