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Imitation MAG-10 products?!

I’ve some contacts in China and from what
I hear, one of your “competitors,” after
asking a manufacturer to have androst-1-ene ethylcarbonate
ester made (same as MAG-10 product!) and
refused because of Biotest patent, put in an order instead for METHYL carbonate ester.

What do you think about this? And what about more ordinary esters of androst-1-ene? Seems like others can imitate what you’ve pioneered easily enough…

The Biotest patent is not limited to the ethylcarbonate ester specifically, but
includes a range of carbonate esters, most definitely including methylcarbonate. So
if anyone has the methylcarbonate ester made, it would be in violation of our patent.

As for regular esters, while our research finds
that they are mostly cleaved prior to absorption when taken orally (unlike the carbonate esters) they do have uses, e.g.
with sublingual administration, and we have a separate patent application on that.

As well as on combination of 4-AD or esters of 4-AD with androst-1-ene or esters of androst-1-ene.

As for those who would want to rip us off: well, “Sorry, Charlie.” We do have strong
protection on our innovations here.

Has the patent been issued yet though?

No, but protection extends to date of filing.