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Imitating SSB with Bands


Yesterday I set up bands for squat then backed up about 4 feet away from them so the bands would pull me forward similar to a ssb. I did this and it was hard as hell, worked my entire lower body and lower back the same way I've heard the ssb would. I tried to use it for my 5/3/1 bbb accessory work. I wanted to know any opinions on it.


I've seen this done on bench.


explain on the bench....plz.

but im gunna try this.


I forget the exact setup but basically if you have trouble with the bar getting over your neck or head, you set it up so you have one set of bands pulling straight down and another lighter set of bands pulling at an angle. This will make one have to work harder to keep the bar in the correct path. I've never tried it myself since that's never been a weakness for me.


Do you Fletch, or anyone else, have any thoughts on my set up? I think it's my idea anyway.
Here are pictures for referance.


pic #2


If I were going to do it, I would run light bands straight to the floor and use mini's at an angle.


Looks like its creating an unrealistic bar path. You can almost use the bands like the smith machine and lean way back because the bands are creating a balancing force forward; if you tried that without the bands you would tip over backwards.

Personally, I'd stick to normal squats w/ the a higher bar position or good mornings, before trying to get tricky.


I'm in your camp .


Or buy a manta ray attachment .


I thought why not just load up the smith machine too.


That looks like something out of Hellraiser. If I were you... and I have been there before... just do front, box, pause, concentric only, against bands, band assisted, zercher, chaos, and the million other squat variaitons out there instead... or fork out the $150 bucks and get this:


Do you have that bar? I am always skeptical of equipment that goes for under half the price of everything else out there, unless I have an endorsement from someone using it.


I have that exact same bar and abuse the shit out of it:


Thanks for the replies, dissapointing to know it's unanimously dissaproved but oh well. Now I need $150 for that bar.