Imitating Calibrated Plates

I’m about 10 day out from a meet did my last heavy pull today. My gym doesn’t have calibrated plates and won’t let me buy them and keep them there. I was able to keep my deadlift bar there. The last few pulls I set up the plates with hundreds then all 35s to keep the plates off the floor. What are your opinions on this I felt in theory it should feel similar. At least way closer than stacking 45s all the way out to the end.

Big pulls mane. Good luck

Better than nothing I guess…but maybe next time buy the plates and just rock up with them in your car and take em home when you are done. Will probably still kick/whip differently still. If in the past this has thrown you off should really have done better this time

Maybe for the last few weeks of prep get a casual/one time visit thing for a gym with calibrated plates. Doesn’t have to be the greatest gym in the world. Lots of smaller places have dem plates.

Thanks, I’ve solved the whip problem pulling out slack but I want to make the lift off the floor as similar as possible. My gym won’t even let me being them in for the day. Also as far as I know there are no local (within an hour) gyms with calibrated plates. Closest might be about an hour and a half.

Unlucky mane do you live somewhere incredibly remote like… Antartica or something lel

Sneak that shit mane. It’s just more gym gear like your shows or your belt or the bar the fuck they busting your balls for? Wait until that cute chick/dude depending on your preferences is manning the front desk. Carry your plates on the opposite side of your body from their sight and flex your arms to distract them. Repeat until you’ve bought in all the plates.

Failing all that I guess that’s why the warm up area is for lel. see how your opener feels and then go as planned or conservative based on that.

Gud luck

Hamilton nj. Trust me I’ve been to a lot of gyms around here. Lol I think they’d notice sneaking in 700 lbs of plates.

Apparently you need to work on your stealth/ninja skills not your deadlift.

Failing that you can smuggle the plates in.

How heavy duty is your gym bag lel?

I use my old marine back pack. Can’t fit a plate in it

If you’re willing to go to the length of buying plates, wouldn’t be easier to bring the bar home rather than take plates to the gym? All you need is a temporary space that is flat and a thin rubber mat.

Start at home and finish off at the gym if there’s additional work not involving the stuff you have at hime.

It’s as close to the real thing as you can get, the fact that there is more weight outside of the plates that actually touch the floor should make no difference because you will still have the same center of gravity. If anything, it might be slightly more unstable because the weight is spread out further.

Are deadlift bars all exactly the same or do some have more whip/flex than others? I know from experience that IPF competition bars aren’t all equal, I would expect similar issues with deadlift bars.

Oh and nice pull, I’m jealous of your leverages.

I tend to feed off the people if that makes sense even if I only have one buddy at the gym I lift better than alone.

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Thanks. For this comp the bar is the same Texas deadlift bar.

Maybe I’m being a little naive, but if you’re willing to drop the cash on calibrated plates, why not go all in and just get yourself a full home setup & nix the gym membership altogether? Over a couple years the lack of gym fees will eventually even out the cost, and you’re obviously good enough at this to take it really seriously…

Hell, even if you want to keep the gym membership. Just buy yourself a deadlift bar and plates and do your key DL sessions at home.

Well a full gym vs $2,000 is a decent difference. But I said in the other post I just can’t lift the same at home. Mentally having people around pushes me harder on top sets.

Yeah, sorry, I was reading that on my phone and hadn’t carefully read the whole thread. My bad.

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That is what a sumo looks like.

Wish I had the arm length.

Sucks for bench though

Don’t you still bench close to 400? I would say it’s worth the tradeoff for your total.

Yea 400 tng is my best, 380 at this comp if everything goes perfect. But that rarely happens

Ya WeAk AsS FuCkKkKkK :kissing_heart:

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Squat and deadlift are usually about 80% of most lifters totals.