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ImFocused MeltDown Training Log


Ok i have decided to keep a log of my meltdown training and T-Dawg Dietjust so i can stay motivated and get feed back from all the great guys on this forum.I am getting married in a year and my goal is to get down to 250 and see how i look and go from there. a lil history on me is I once weighed 360 got down 283 with the abs diet and 2hrs of cardio a day. but i still didnt like how I looked with my clothes off. so I moved to texas and have let my self go a bit I pretty much had lost the disipline I had before but im back and am focusing more on weight and less on cardio which is why i loved the MeltDown because it allows me to still pump iron and burn at the same time plus i keep hearing such good things about circuit training.

my stats:
Weight 322
Heigth 6'2
BF 37%
Calorie intake 2700 Attached a pic of my nutrition breakdown

I work out home but have nice full gym. I am unable to do alot of the body weight excercises on my own so i am just doing assisted as long as I am doing them and felt every bit of it today so i will continue this

day 1 stats
(A1)Chinups set1:10 set2:10 set3:7 (since I am unable to do even 1 I did all of these with the assistance of a srength band wrapped around my Bar and a lil leg help)
(A2)squats weight 135 for 10,10,10 (I will be upping the weight next go around )
(A3)Push ups set1: 7 regular 3 knees, Set2: 5 reg 5 knees, set 3: 3 reg 7 knees (
(A4) Push press 25lb dumbells 10,7,7
(B1) Lying bench Leg Raises 10,10 ( I am to tall to do hanging leg raises)
(B2) decline crunches 3,2 ( now these were hard and i deffinatly need to find a alternate excersise)


Just Finished Day 2 and DAMN is all I can say. This is the toughest workout I have ever done but My Goal is to finish the 12 weeks.

(A1)DeadLifts 135/10, 135/10, 135/10
(A2)Walking Lunges with Dumbells 30/10, 30/7, 30,5 (My legs felt like Jello by that 3rd set)
(A3)Dips 10, 10 ,10 (Like i said im a big dude so they were legs straight of a bench 0
(A4)Bentover Barbell Row 135/10, 135/5 , 135/3 ( I will have to lower the weight on these My lower back was killing me by the time I got tto these besides i was spent)

(B1) Twisting Crunches 10, 10, 10

exactly how much rest should I be taking in between circuits for rest.