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Imbalances, Mag. Mobility, Trainer?

I recently switched gyms and took advantage of one of the free trainer sessions they offer when you sign up. The first session confirmed that I had some imbalances from a car accident 10 years ago: left shoulder higher than right, right hip higher than left, hips rotated forward, natural stance toes do not point straight, and all the associated muscle tension/shortness that goes along with this.

This doesnt really hamper my life too much, but is something I have longed to rid myself of.

Im a pretty DIY guy, but I value professional help when necessary. Do I need to get personal training sessions tailored to my needs or would I be able to get magnificent mobility and use that info to get things back in line? Does anyone have any experience with this?


I congratulate you on trying to fix these major issues.

They will not be easy to do. In a sense yes, they are easy to do. Unlock knees, scaps depressed and retraced, feet straight and parallel. But it’s being like this everyday for the rest of your life. Doing these corrections subconciousley is very difficult.

It will take months-years to correct, and stay correct subconciousley.

I would recommend contacting one of Ian Kings coachs ( kingsports.net ). They are the masters when it comes to identifying postural/gait problems. And helping you get on track.