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Imbalances From Kickboxing

Greetings everyone!
I have been lifting on and off for about 3 years now with yo-yo effects. This is partly due to my busy schedule and lack of knowledge in healthy eating.

These days I kickbox as part of exercising and have not lifted any weights for 3 months. I needed a break from the routine. I plan to start in the first week of Dec. I was told that boxing takes a lot out of the shoulders and upper back and from the picture below, I feel that I may have some imbalances with the scapula. Your thoughts guys?

P.S. - My other stats
23yrs old

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well, if you are looking to work your back more, include 2x as many rowing as pressing movements. I read that on an article here (can someone provide a link for him?). Below are some nutritional links as well as training links. Check out anything by John Berardi for info for nutrition. Stick to the basic exercises if you wish to design a program yourself.

Since you are into martial arts, I would suggest trying one or two of Chad Waterbury’s workouts (i.e. TBT and ABBH I and II).

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sorry, I just noticed you said kickboxing…yet it “takes a lot out of the back and shoulders”? did I misread your post?

Yes, I did say kickboxing. Our training focuses on punching and kicking, so when we box, we really box! Somedays we only box, because of the amount of techniques we employ in our training.

As for nutrition, I am using JB’s precision nutrition and Anabolic diet as guidelines. My mistake before was cutting out most carbs, have a high protein but hardly any healthy fat in the diet.

So do you guys see an imbalance, or its just me?

you look normal.

Cool! Now I do not have to be paranoid anymore.

[quote]goldwave84 wrote:
Cool! Now I do not have to be paranoid anymore.[/quote]

watch out though because your traps look considerably weaker than other muscles which could create scapular problems so ROWWW!!

i wouldnt worry about kickboxing causing too many problems. Just keep up the gym to level off any imbalances if you can. Now im out of my cast, i will be training mma 6 days a week. im not worried aabout imbalances, more the fact i might not have the energy to properly train weights.