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Okay here’s the deal I have a strength imbalance with my left arm, meaning my right arm is stronger than my left arm. In the beginning I thought it would eventually even out but I guess I’m a dumbass cause it ain’t happening.

Now that I’m starting to work on upping the intensity of my lifts I find this imbalance to be a much bigger problem than I originally thought. Its also starting to cause imbalances on the size of the left side of my upper body compared to the right. I’ve been doing 1 arm db presses to help with the pec imbalance and single arm curls and pulldowns to for the left bicep and tricep. So am I on the right track or is there something else I need to do?

Any help would be very much appreciated!

There are a lot of posts here that if u search can help attack your imbalance.

Let’s begin with the weak side rule, you should be employing that through any movement possible. You might also want to employ the 2x rep method depending on the difference in your arms.

Try focusing on movements that will recruit more muscle, but still allow you to use that one arm more.

If you need any additional help, ill try jus pm me