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Hey all.

I recently started doing some running in the morning again for about half an hour. You know that fatigue on your obliques that comes as a result of the running? Well, I only get that on my right side. I feel nothing on my left side in terms of fatigue. And it’s great that my fatloss is coming along very nicely, but my right side is starting to look much more defined than my left.

Anyone have any idea what may be the cause of this? Bad running form? Muscle imbalance? Pinched nerve?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



Sounds like an imbalance to me. Usually running imbalances are most prominant in the Hip and lower back. either area, or both, are probably slightly out of alignment. Self-manipulation can usually eliminate this problem…or a visit to a Chiro or ART. Your problem could stem from a foot strike imbalance but I doubt that since you did not mention any lower leg pain. Try stretching the hip flexors and lower back prior to running. Post workout will also help. (You should strtch all areas but pay particular attention to those) Good Luck


I am not sure you have a handle on this… if you are referring to “fatigue” (pain ?) than it is a case of “side stitches”, a sharp pain when you breathe, usually from running…

You should GOOGLE “side stitches” or hit up Runner’s World.com or any number of running sites; they shold be able to give more information. Hell, even ask your local Running Room or fellow runners for anecdotal remedies… I have heard it is a signal from your body via the muscles connected to your diphragm that you are overexerting your breathing capacity. Running through them does not work, I have learned (feels like someone stabbing you in the ribs, right ?)
As for one side being more “defined” than the other side, I find that interesting… as a general rule fat loss occurs throughout the body and not just off your abdominal section (unless you ar overdoing it on ab exercises giving that side preferential treatment and/or you have lopsided obliques…

Hope any of this helps. JAY

Thanks, Lturn. I’ll try that and see how this improves. Thanks again.


It’s hard to describe. You know what I mean, about the pain in your sides when you run a good distance? When that comes on, I only experience it on the right side.

Now that I think about it too, when I deadlift, (flexing my abs and lower back) I usually feel the muscles both on my right side of the abs and lower back exhaust but not the left.

Hopefully I don’t sound retarded saying all this. But it could be too late. Haha.

If that helps to clarify Jay, thanks.

If you think you’re more defined on one side than the other, it’s more likely to be because of more muscle underneath on that side. These lateral imbalances are the norm. There’s even research suggesting that handedness affects muscle composition differently across the sides of the body.