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Imbalance In Upper Body Pressing


How do I correct strength imbalance in pressing movements (benchpress)?


your gonna need to be a little more specific.


When I'm pressing weights close to 1RM I have no problem locking out my left arm but I always struggle with my right. I think that my weakness is in my right shoudler and tricep.


I'm sure you tried dumbbells already, right?



Making sure you're lined up evenly on the bench.
Making sure your hands are spaced evenly.

Avoiding asymmetry in your day to day life.


No, I havn't done any dumbbell presses at all. Last time I used them was over a year ago. The reason is that I got my own homegym and i do not have heavy dumbbells.

But I've just ordered two dumbbell handles for olympic plates so I can use them soon.

Is dumbbell presses the best way to go if you want to fight imbalance?


I once heard that if one side comes up first, then that side is weaker. The reason behind this was that your body focuses on getting your weaker side up first, but then your stronger side is already lower, but since your strength was not equally distributed, than your stronger side is having a hard time.

Do not know if this is right, and I do not think I explained it right, but when told in person, it made sense.


I feel how weak I am in my right shoulder.

During dumbellpresses its the same. Always slower lockout with right arm.


Yeah i think dumbbells should help to fix this problem....you could also work on some single arm barbell presses for the time being (you might want a spotter for these).


Also you could just go to the local metalshop and pick up some 1-2 foot pieces of 2 inch roundstock or pipe(bring your 2.5 to make sure it fits) and use that as a thick handled dumbell.


We'll see how it turns out with the dumbbells.

One Arm barbell press could be something. I've tried it once before.

Scrotus: Its a normal handled dumbbell that is for olympic plates i want.

This one: www.extremepower.se/images/hantel.jpg


My right shoulder is pulling up to my ear when I press heavy. I cant hold down my right shoulder. Where is my weakness?