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Imbalance in My Pecs?


I am about to start lifting but I am concerned about my imbalance in my pecs.

As you can see my left (your right) is my biggest pec it seems to have more development then my other pec and also strangely enough a tad more hair growth then the other? Should i be concerned?

I am also right handed, is this just a muscle imbalance or maybe something more?


Looks like a fat imbalance to me. Ha ha ha ha …

Ok, sorry. That was mean.

Uhm. You look normal.


oh dear god…


It probably has to do with the fact that it is your non-dominant hand. I wouldn’t worry, I and many others have the same thing.


I don’t see pecs here. More seriously it’s not a problem, lift & eat


You don’t have a pec imbalance.


[quote]thekast wrote:
You don’t have a pec imbalance.[/quote]

He doesnt even have pecs.


I don’t think it is the greatest picture really, I just thought I would ask. I can see it myself maybe it is a fat imbalance haha.


pecs? where?



Do 10 sets of 15 one arm DB presses. You’re welcome


lol…Start worrying about imbalances when your chest measurement exceeds your waist measurement… Till then lift heavy and frequent.




[quote]HolyMacaroni wrote:



[quote]Marlind wrote:
HolyMacaroni wrote:


x3. LMFAO This made me laugh so hard. OH man.

ANd the “what pecs?” line was genius. WAHAHAHAHA.

But seriously, worry about it when you build enough muscles to actually call them pecs. Read around and apply what you learn. Work hard. Peace.


Sweet baby jesus…


[quote]Marlind wrote:
HolyMacaroni wrote:


you should not be laughing trust me lol!!


I am surprised people actually gave genuine answers to this.


[quote]HolyMacaroni wrote:

Brought a tear to my eye, dear god.


Well first start working out…


YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU…my friend…have a pirates dream…a sunken chest…no offense