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Imbalance in Leg Strength

I noticed while doing one-legged good mornings that my left leg was stronger than my right leg. The main concern is not that much that the left is stronger, but it had MUCH better balance (must be better stablizer muscles I would assume). With the left leg I could do the reps with a very good smooth motion, while with the right I would be wobbly and often needed to put my other down leg down to keep from toppling over.

I was wondering what could be done to correct this imbalance? should i start just doing more reps/more reps/more weight/more intensity with my weaker leg?

Simple, in that particular training witch one was done first? The right or the left leg?

Fatigue on the posterior chain could act like bilateral imbalance. For instance every time you test for a lower body imbalance test right first one day, rest 72-96h then re-test with the other leg first. It is not always a good idea to test bilateral imblance on an exercice that require some stabilization.

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It depends on which way you fall during the movement. To cover multiple bases, make sure your hip abductor strength is up to par. Also you may not be using the same form with both legs. Try doing Single leg tip overs with just bodyweight in different directions and make sure you stay very, very tight in the trunk area. If you do ok with that then try Single leg dumbell RDLs. Doing these things has helped me greatly in the past and I continue to use them.

And a good point by Adonail too.

i was doing my left (strong leg) first … however, i am pretty sure my right leg is weaker. its just been generally weaker, i notice the same imbalance when doing pistols.

i tend to fall to the left (towards my stronger leg)


Can you see a size difference? Examine yourself real closely to see how much of an imbalance there is (ie. measure to the 1/8 inch…). If there is not much of a difference, then some minor focus on bringing up the lagging leg by adding some extra single-legged movements should help. If it is a large difference, well you could try the same thing but it will take much longer to cure…

I have a HUGE muscle imbalance due to ankle problems in my right ankle. I’ve had surgery, therapy, etc. and it has not gotten better. So this led to my right calf being 1" smaller, and my quad about 1-1.5 inches smaller… I’ve been working on fixing this for over a year and have not gotten too far.

If you don’t notice a big difference in squatting and deadlifting, then the problem is probably not that big of a deal. For instance, I can visually see my left quad dominating squat movements by the 3-4th rep of a heavy 5x5. If you can squat with good form on both legs, then you should not have much of a problem fixing this.