Imbalance Fixed, Now 'Weaker' Leg is Stronger

So I’ve been working on bringing the weaker leg up to par with the other leg for over a year now and it’s been successful, now suddenly it’s stronger than the other. My physical trainer has vouched for that. Has this happened to anyone?

I think what’s happening for me is since I’m consciously pushing my weaker leg to do the “heavy lifting” on exercises, the other leg has become dormant sort of speak. It’s a good thing but I need to reverse the mind-muscle connection so hopefully both legs gets evenly trained.

i have experienced that same thing, only less dramatically then yourself.

I have been somewhat successful in balancing out my legs, although the previously injured one is still slightly smaller then the other, strength is very very similar, however the biggest thing i notice is that actually my smaller leg has more muscular endurance then the larger one. I believe its from doing slightly higher volume on it in every unilateral exercise i have done over the last 6 months or so. It also seems to get less sore then the larger leg which is odd, but again, it just has more practice doing volume.