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Imagining the Post Apocalypse/Zombies


So, lately... besides work and going to the gym, I've been playing lots of Fallout 3 and watching various zombie movies. I don't know why, but I'm just in the mood. Now, I got a fairly big imagination and while I enjoy the comforts of modern society a part of me wants to know what it's like to experience living on the edge, or not being on the top of the food chain. Sounds stupid, and yes it is stupid because if anybody were to be put in that position they would rather be back where we are now.

However, there is a bit of an aura to all of that. I guess it's because of the simplicity of it all. Everything would go back to the basics, the art of survival rather than all of materialistic shit we have now. Food, sex, shelter, kill or be killed. All that jazz.

What was the point of that? I don't know.

But I'm gonna go put on my metal armor, combat boots, grab my pulse rifle and take out some super mutants... After work.


Well, Lets keep our hopes up that all the buzz around 2012 and the " end of the world" Mayan calender ending crap will really just be a chemical toxin released into the air that transmutes the majority of the population into Zombies and making it possible to transfer the virus through saliva and blood.


I know I've been preparing ... I've read the Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z ... those zombies ain't got shit on me!


That's pretty much the main reason I train...

for the zombie apocalypse...


D Public ... I just gotta say your avatar cracks me up man ... it's like (white guy) nah he ain't shit (black guy) yea ... I"m' the shit


We can only hope.

We need giant PA Systems so we can blast death metal the entire time I'm chainsawing zombies in half, though...


that's why I got a mustang, and alot of guns. so when the world ends and its Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and we're fighting the zombie hordes I'll be a cool kid like Mel Gibson.


NIce. Now who wants to volunteer for a piggy-back ride from Prof X to form Master/Blaster?


Just watch for me, I'll be the guy blasting black metal, blowing zombie heads off with my dual Desert Eagles.




I hope zombies attack soon so I don't have to go to work or pay bill's anymore.




I decided I need to be able to do pull ups because people always end up hanging by the arms and need to get up before falling off a cliff/building or being dragged down by brain eating zombies/gooey creatures.


Pullups are the way to go for sure, but make sure you can do one armed pullups while blasting zombie heads open. That's what separates survivors from future zombies.


I think you should all watch the video of the song I wrote about this very subject. I think it will crack you up! BTW that's not me in the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KdItvLn-aQ


There's no metal armor or pulse rifle in F3 n00b.
Experimental MRV ftw!!1

Edit: Shit, I just remembered there is metal armor in F3. Now I feel like a noob =X


yeah...You need to align yourself with a bad ass crew of zombie killers though...or else you are on your own out there...

I got your back, though...I can't say the same for these other psychos lol...



Sorry, Plasma Rifle. That's what I meant, and the metal armor is the best because... it's so metal looking. With all those spikes everywhere, my guy's crazy facial hair and warhawk... He's awesome.


Better hope you can recruit a super mutant with a gatling laser or I'm placing my money on the zombies.


I really wish they had incorporated the pulse rifle. I loved that gun.
And I mean, not like they did with the plasma rifle. What's this compact shit? I wanna melt people to green pools of goo firing a gun bigger than me from the hip!