Imagine Strength machines for HIT

Has anone heard of or tried out the Imagine Strength equipment? Appearantly inspired by Arthur Jones and aimed at/for HIT trainees. Is it a MedX clone?

Haven’t tried them, but yes, heard of them and seen them on their website. Designed by Clay Steffee, who worked and designed machines at Nautilus for Arthur Jones, and then at MedX. He seems like a good guy. I like the designs. Only Big Red Flag for me is: Made in China! Don’t care for that. He is obviously a big proponent of HIT. And the machines have some of the same features as MedX machines.

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Have you heard of the Prime machines? They have adjustable strength curves. I’ve never gotten to try them but they look super cool! Cool color scheme too with the grey and lime green.

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Prime Fitness machines were formerly under the STRIVE brand name. Adjustable cams on the selectorized machines and multiple wt. horns on the plate-load machines to change the strength curves. I have a Strive Leg Press in my garage that came out of the Univ. of Michigan Football Wt. room when they ran a HIT-style strength program. It’s a great machine, fairly compact (for a leg press), and has a 510 wt. stack. The adjustable cam is a nice feature. It’s blue though, not lime green.