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Imagine it's Normal Since I'm Stabbing Myself w/ a Needle

Curious? I would imagine it’s normal, but should I experience some slight tenderness or soreness like I worked out after injecting? I use 23g 1" needles as suggested by my primary since my Endo just prescribed and gave me know instructions. The Rx suggested 25g 1.5 in your opinion what should I shoot with? And is it normal to have a little tenderness to touch?

If you using pharmaceutical grade test i assume you should be fine, if you follow sanitary protocol a little tenderness no biggie should go away 48 hours, if it swells up and gets noticeably warm and hard and don’t go away ,go to urgent care its infected. i use 22g 1inch into thigh no prob but if i pinned more then twice a week i would go with 25g, me just once weekly.

Inject T twice a week
Use #29 1/2" 0.5 ml syringes
You have those for hCG now?

To inject SC, pinch up a fold of skin over upper leg, insert needle into end of fold with needle parallel to muscles below. You should be able to see and avoid some veins. Press on injection site firmly with finger after injection to allow cut vessels to seal off and prevent bleed-bruises.

Syringe will be slow to load, reasonable injection times.

Please keep a main thread going with your labs and other key info for continuity.

I am not taking hCG as of now because my doctor would not prescribe it however I did find a source for it. I have only been on for a week and a half TRT that is. How much time do I have to start hCG

Whenever you can manage it. Your boys will not fall off. Many add hCG later.