Images of Strength

Post what you consider an image of strength…


that squatting pic is awesome

that says it all

Something Non Weights related… good example of fluid strength…

But I love that blood picture :-D!

dude’s strong.

Go party…it’s just one day…:wink:

Thats not you is it, Alpha F?

If it is, I’m coming over to party at your house.


Tommy Kono


Who saids bodybuilder in the 80 couldnt stand up guys today

Got legs?]
Tom plazt

my god those are some big quads


I would kill for those legs.



I dont know… looks like ghandi needs to cut up a bit. (rip on 150 pounders asking for dieting advice)

I hate to hijack, but…

Are we saying that the act of lifting or otherwise training intelligently is necessary to be called a “T-Man”? Because I, for one, am not prepared to accept a definition that would exclude Ghandi. Among others.

Really sorry about the hijack, but the question has been bothering me for a while and the Ghandi post triggered it.

[quote]Xen Nova wrote:

Just curious: was that meant to be sarcastic (because of his physique) or are you truthfully commenting on the spiritual strength and courage that was Ghandi?