Im Weak! Want to Get Strong!

Hello. Ive been lifting for 2 years and running 5/3/1 BBB for awhile.
I want to get stronger so i wouldering on changing to FSL .But i want to do
Press 5/3/1
Bench/close grip bench FSL

Deadlift 5/3/1
Squat FSL


I just want to know what the best templete for strength. Main goal is strength , but i want to look like i lift also^^.
MP: 70kg
Long time since i maxed . I weight 86 kg

ANY of the 5/3/1 programs will get you strong. Jim preaches this, PRINCIPALS. Don’t expect it overnight and eat like your life depends on it b/c it does. Pick a few programs that look good to you and follow them without deviation. Do/learn to do the lifts correct. If you stall, 5 forward - 3 back. Do this for a few (3-5) years without looking up.

“Hello. Ive been lifting for 2 years…”

My advice to you is follow this simple template:

Part 1:

Cycles 1-5 at 85% TM, FSL 5x5 (EXACTLY as written)
go back 3 cycles (5/3)

Part 2:

Cycles 1-2: BBB
Cycles 3-5: FSL
go back 3 cycles (5/3)

Repeat Part 2.

Use bodyweight work for assistance (dips, chins, pushups, hanging leg raises, back raises, tumbling, box jumps, jumping jacks, split squat jumps, etc.) Basic goals to shoot for on this: dips x 30, pushups x 50, chins x 20, straight leg hanging leg raises x 20 (slow reps). Box jumps your 1/2 your height or so, 7:00 mile, standing long jump your height. These are basic goals for being awesome.

Unless you’ve got some great genetics, it’s going to take some time to “look like you lift”. So be patient and do things correct.