I see everything! I see…
Oh gross. Is that what you do when you are online?

What do you expect me to do… Let all this lube go to waste?

This makes me think… why would you WANT to see what we are doing!!!


i am picking my nose right now.
what are you gonna do about it???

Most of my forum posts are typed in the nude as well…go figure

Is everybody naked?

I am never naked. I live with three men, and don’t have a door to my bedroom. there is no naked. I dream of the day when I can run around my house bare as the day I was born… heck, peeing with the door open would make me happy.

Naked? That would depend. . . Do the policewoman’s hat and suspenders count?


I have a condom on. Does that count?

There’s no telling where my hand has been.


Now thats Gross… But funny…So where has your hand been:)

Since I usually post from work, there’s not much I COULD be doing.