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I'm Very Stubborn. Am I In The Wrong?


Hello everybody. Have never posted here before but thought I would ask this question as there seems to be tons of knowledgeable people here. I don't need professional advice, just advice from somebody who may know the situation.

I bought a trailer house from some people 14 months ago. The property that my house is on is rented from a third party. The people that I bought the house from tell me that they are coming to take the tool shed out of my yard, that it is theirs, and that it was not included in the sale.

The shed has been sitting on my rented property for 14 months now, are they still entitled to it or is it mine?

Like I said, I don't need professional advice, because I'm certainly not going to drag this out, but I want to tell these people to get off my ass with some confidence.


you brought the trailer. you don't own the land or anything situated upon it. and you're bitching about a shed you do not own? did you contract to buy the shed? no? then keep it moving and stop worrying about the shed. you own the trailer. that is all. what's the beef???


It was left here over a year ago. I'm not bitching, I'm just wondering who is entitled to it, because I use it and I don't appreciate these people calling me up and telling me they are going to come raid my yard. Why do you seem so angry to answer my question? You didn't have to. For the record I wrote them a check for the house and the bill of sale is on a fucking post it note. There is really no paper work.


Not you. And if you're going to get cranky about not getting something for free, maybe you should get better documentation next time.


You don't own the shed.

It depends on what the lease for the land reads.

If the shed is not included in the lease, you are out of luck.


I just want to leave an LOL in here.


I enjoyed this.


Tons of great attitudes in here. Anyways, thanks for the advice guys.


14 months though? That's a long time. I don't know. I once rented a place for about a year and a half. I had roommates coming and going. Well, the "longest" one there (the one who had been their longest) was about to leave in a week. Some former roommate, who I never met, swung by asking for stuff out of the garage. The "longest" roommate said it was theirs, so I/we let them have it. But I told them they were lucky, had they come a week later, I certainly would not have let them have it.

I guess, to me, it comes down to what you thought was the deal at the time and what the shed is worth. Sounds like it was more of a gentleman's agreement than a firm legal one, so what was the agreement? If their was a misunderstanding, those things should be worked out now, IMO. Perhaps a "storage fee"?

Why did you buy something w/o any real documentation? Was this a friend or a friend-of-a-friend? I feel like there are pieces missing from this story.

eh, my 2 cents


they own the shed. it's simple. nothing to get in a twist about. they didn't sell the land, and they therefore didn't "abandon" the shed. you got a year of free use of the shed. be happy.


that's fair and you're right. i apologize.


there is no "misunderstanding". OP does not own the land. the shed is situated upon the land. he purchased a trailer, not a shed. it does not belong to him under any reasonable analysis - legal or otherwise. and since the owner did not sell the land upon which the shed is situated, you could not even stretch the facts to claim some type of abandonment of the shed. it doesn't matter how long it's been sitting there - THEY own the land.

this is really very simple. it's not his.


Well, I did buy from a family that are for the most part friends of ours. The people that we bought the house from do not own the land though.

Basically there are 15 lots, each open for rent with room for a prefab home of some sort. I came and bought this house from an elderly woman's family and started paying the lot fees, since it was now my house sitting on the property. (not their property, they no longer have anything to do with the house/lot/rent/etc)

They told me they were coming to get the shed, 14 months ago when I moved in. They are trying to tell me that this 8x8 shed is worth 2 grand. I guess they can just take it, I'm just upset with the way they came about it and wanted to know who was entitled to it, but by most of your reactions I seem to be very much in the wrong. Lol.

Maybe I ask for a babysitting fee.


i would love to live on trailer with just my bed, some good ps3 and tv and place to cook my meals.


Fuck it, man. It's a shed.

I wish some scrap metal thieves would come by and steal mine. The old guy that lived here before me was trying to usurp some of the lot behind mine by building a shed, planting a garden, and building a very small but easily defined boundary wall 2 feet on to the neighbors property.

Sure enough, within a week the guy that owns the property came by to say hello and inform me that although he didn't mind, that stuff was on his land.

If you want to drive from South Dakota, I'll give you mine, mud wasps and all.


That's exactly what I've got myself. Got a great job and a cheap ass place to live. As long as I got a bedroom and a kitchen, I'm doing fine lol.

Well I dunno about the mud wasps, but I'll come take that tool shed off your hands, lol.


Better let the third party know they are taking the shed, just in case.

It might have been there before they moved in.


^^^ this is prob the best advce in the thread. Maybe it isn't their thread, do a little detective work and figure it out. contact third party or what not. Because if you find out it isn't the property of the people coming to take it, you could be criminally liable. Maybe


Trailer homes, sheds, angry rednecks, I'm lovin' this thread!


I thought a 3rd party owned the land and the 2nd party was claiming it was theirs. If the 2nd party owned the land, I guess I could understand your post. I guess I agree with other posters who mention he should talk to the landowner to see what they have to say.