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I'm Very Pissed about the Hypocrisy of Bodybuilding

People Always use examples of roiders or extremly genetically privileged guys

You will Always hear the same from them: “youre not Lifting heavy enough” “You Arent Eating properly”


I wish that People would realize that your average Sub 7 Inch wrist ectomorph guy cant look muscular and thick, he might look somewhat athletic and even somewhat big with a higher bf, but he will never have These round cannon ball delts along with ripped abs.

Im in a german Bodybuilder Group since a couple of years, and there are guys who are Training consistently for 15 years, and they all look like non-lifters in a t Shirt, their arms Arent thick, and their shoulders Arent wide, they all lift heavy and they are Eating clean even at a bulk

I just think that it is extremly unfair and unethical to give false expectations to younger guys or generally non lifters.

95% of all known Bodybuilders or Fitness Magazine models are taking roids or at least a pro Hormone, and im not Talking About the obvious roiders, im Talking About guys like Jeff seid, jon Skywalker, connor murphy etc.

Even the NBA is full of roiders

Even My local Boxing gym has a Doping room

I just dont get it, bullshitting other naive People only for the bragging of having “better” genetics???

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