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I'm Using This Weight


Just wanted to discuss something that... disgusts me.

So I am at the gym today, doing presses in the smith. After loading up the larger plates, I put the ten pound plates each side. Sitting on the bench, I take a few moments to prepare for the incoming massacre that my delts are about to receive... and then I unrack the weight and begin. First rep in I feel there is something wrong. I get up and notice that one of the 10lb plates are gone... and this chick nearby is using it on a seated calf raise. How do I know she took it? Because while psyching myself up before the set I noticed her mulling around the smith, behind me. That, and the fact that there are no other 10lb plates nearby.

I don't understand this. Ok, I get it if I had been off walking somewhere... or if I wasn't using the machine at all. But... grabbing someone's weights off the bar, literally 2 min after I had loaded it up... and as I am obviously getting ready to do my set? What the fuck?

To top it off, as I stand there waiting for an explanation, she finishes her set and doesn't even look at me. Just sits there deliberately ignoring me. Pretends that I don't even exist.

I've heard about people using your equipment when you are off to refill your waterbottle, but I have never heard about this kind ignorance. I swear it's getting harder and harder to even get in a fucking workout nowadays. /end rant.

Has anyone here ever experienced any shit like this?


She probably thought it was part of the weight tree, lol. Not hard to believe.


She AMOGd you.


This thread


i did but it ended up with me joking about it with the girl, then having her watch me smoke my next set, then going back to her place to take a shower.

and bone.



Did you try hitting her...with a plate?


Seen it happen before.


Had people try to unload the leg press while I'm sitting on it two separate times.
I assume they just mistake for the weight tree. It's good for a laugh.

In your situation i would've turned up my music and taken the plate off her machine.


I have actually had this happen while sitting at a bench press and about to lean back. Took a 45 plate off one side. At least I wasn't under the bar, I guess.

Also, while doing dumbbell bench, I got the weights up to rest on my knees and some old guy came and sat on the other side of the bench.

And, no, I don't sit there for 5 minutes. I rest maybe 30 seconds, minute (which, yeah, I know tend to be too short, but I am generally time pressed).


I was fully expecting a shakeweight link based on the title.




How to react based on appearance:

Hot - Ask her out, have a good laugh about it over drinks. PIIHP later and exact your revenge.

Fugly - As she's working on machine, take plate off mid-rep. Wait for her to finish set, then beat her down with the aforementioned removed plate.




She was punking you for being a pre-delt-massacre-psych-up douche.

Knock that shit off and handle your business.


Wow...no one has ever done that to me...whilst seeing me right about to lift said weight.....I'd be pissed....maybe she thought you were atractive and was trying to get your attention? That would be the only acceptable excuse.


I could definitely see that happening. One time I was doing standing calf raises, threw my log and towel on it, went to the drinking fountain 20 feet away and some chick was using it with my shit on there.


You shit on the calf raise?


One time at my 24Hour Fitness here in Taiwan one of the stupid trainers had a client on one of the two benches. He chose the one that had a 25 on either side already (nobody puts their weights away here).

The other bench was sitting there with a 45 on either side, and the trainer wanted to put the 25s that were on the first bench away but instead he dropped one on the floor and put the one next to the other bench on the end of the bar, thus making it a bar with a 45 on one side and a 45 and 25 on the other.

I saw this from the cables and thought "Hey! Some guy could have been on that bench, went away and he'll come back to this idiot adding a 25 to one side!!"

Then I decided dammit, THAT guy's going to be me! So I got on the bench and laid down, knowing it would be heavier on one side and benched it once, said "What the fuck!?!" and looked at him asking in Chinese if he'd done that to may bar.

He then nodded and bowed and apologized and in English I called him a fucking idiot. He's one of those pricks that stares at himself in the mirror while taining clients anyway. Asshole.


Akin to this is the time I saw a woman at the gym go to the hack squat, there were NO plates on the sled, but I recall 3 45s on the pins on either side ready for anyone who wanted to use them.(The pins can be seen on the pic if your gym's hack machine is different)
Well she got and and did one rep (with no plates on the sled mind you) then got off and removed a 45...I thought Wow! she's not happy with just the sled and is going to move up to a 45 per side! Nice! but she proceeded to put that 45 away and another one from the other side onto a weight tree nearby.
She then did another single (of course still no weight on the sled) then got off and put away the next 45 on either side of the hack onto that weight tree....then she did one more rep and then put the last 2 45s away. Then did one more rep.

Silly lady thought she was doing all those 45s each time but it was always the sled only!!!!


Perhaps you should consider the following possibilities:
1. She is new to the gym world and didn't know the smith bar wasn't a weight tree
2. She made this mistake, realizing it shortly after, and didn't apologize as was intimidated by your head slapping, metallica induced oh-so-intense smith machine shoulder presses
3. Don't use the smith machine, use free-weight, it's better.