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I'm Up in This Piece


What's up?

I finally decided to join after lurking and skimming through articles on the main page for about a year or so.

Been an avid lifter for several years.

I love Mixed Martial Arts and moderate an MMA forum.

My favorite fighters are Georges St. Pierre and Wanderlei Silva.

I love the deadlift.

Just here to discuss stuff... so yeah.


How much do you bench?


Nothing about to indulge in one of the deadly sins "gluttony". Hungry Howie's pizza and some fuckin' chicken wings. Nice way to end my leg day.

Welcome....to the land of trolls, pervs, psychos, hot women, powerlifters, combat enthusiasts, bodybuilders and men who whole heartily enjoy MMF's. Or any chance and butt secks. So watch yourself, unless that's your thing or something. So carry on! Mingle with the masses!


255x1. But really, I could care less.

Haha. Fair enough, homie

Glad to be here


JK, brah. Welcome anyways.