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I'm Trying to Grow, Help Please!


this is a different forum than Figure Athlete...right?
I have decided to post here because I usually only get one response to my queries since all women want thin/lean legs.

I'm 5'5, 115pnd, 23 year old female. I want to gain some weight (10-15 pnds) and most importantly I want to add several (3 inches if not more)to my thighs. I want strong muscular legs and a curvaceous shape. My measurements are 34-26-32. I have thin soft legs and I want to add some size. I'm unsure of how many reps/sets I should perform for growth and which exercises would most target my thighs. I eat approximately 1400-1600 calories a day which I know isn't sufficient enough for me to grow but I don't know how often and how much I should increse my cals. I also want to decrease my waist size. Any help on how to achieve my goal would be REALLY APPRECIATED.
here is an example...I want my thighs much larger if possible.


here is another example, I want my thighs to be much larger.


Do you have any pics of you that you could share? This would give us a better point of reference.


not at the moment. i will try to post some on monday.



Will await your pics to see what your physical makeup is better suited to, but squats and deadlifts are your answer. These include variations like Romanian deadlifts, split squats etc.

Twice a week, mix up the reps (5-8 one workout, 8-15 the next for example), anywhere from 3-5 sets depends on how hard you're working.

Plenty of articles on here and FA to get you going.

Good luck,



Single leg variations like lunges, bulgarian split squats, steps ups and the like are very effective for adding leg mass too.


king of girth here to save the day.

Squat like a powerlifter for a few months. lots of sets of few reps with lots of weight. Follow with 5 sets of 10 on good mornings on one session, on the next session follow with 5 sets of 10 on front squats.

If the Dr Lardass cure for tiny legs is successful, i want pitchers cuz I loves big muscly legs.

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Don't forget your calves, too. :slight_smile: It'll be a little unbalanced if all you do is work for cute thighs, although maybe your calves grow a little more easily than mine. I'm in the middle of working on fixing my chicken leg conundrum as well. Previous posters have all mentioned great exercises.


hello! thank you all for the replies.
well here are my photos.




profile...the worst of all. I want increase the width of my legs and decrease my stomach.


Wow...nice legs u have there already!

I agree with what everyone else has said. Deads and squats are your friend!! Along with lunges, step ups. Walking lunges with heavy dumb bells worked well for me! (they'll all help your bum too!) Lift heavy and you'll have those killer legs you want in no time!


I agree with what everyone has said in terms of exercises that will work well to help you put on size, so I'm just going to address your questions about calories.

I would recommend adding 500 calories (from clean foods) a day to your current diet. You can spread those calories out over whatever number of meals you're eating each day, or, if you aren't already having some sort of post-workout shake/meal combo, add it there. After a couple of weeks (say two), check to see if your weight has gone up. If it has, great! If it hasn't, up the calories another 200-300 at a time until you see an increase in your weight. This would probably be the safest way to go about things, as I'm assuming you are looking to gain as much lean mass as possible while avoiding fat gain?

Good luck with it! And you've already got a great figure, so don't stress too much :).


I will echo what every one else is saying...

Big heavy back squats wide stance
switch it up with some front squats
8x3 or 10x3

romanian deadlifts

and the secret to big thighs ( for me at least) :slight_smile:
bulgarian split squats.



hahahaha! i will certainly post some pictures once I achieve my goal.


thank you so much for the compliment! I know I have a long way to go. So, 500 cals a day? That scares me! I've been bombarded with low cal, low carb articles and I see now I was apprehensive of increasing both, but I have changed my mind set and will be increasing both immediately. So eating over 2300 cals for my height and weight wouldn't be excessive? I apologize for so many questions I just want to make sure I start on the right path. OH, and I do want plenty of muscle and little fat like salma.


thank you! I will certainly follow all this wonderful advice!


To gain a pound of bodyweight you need to consume approximately 3500 calories in excess of your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). So, at 500 additional calories a day you'd be consuming an extra 3500 calories a week.

This means that if your weight is currently stable, you will (hopefully) gain somewhere around a pound a week. If you're just starting to add squats/deadlifts/split squats etc. to your training though, your energy expenditure is definitely going to go up, and you probably won't be gaining weight that quickly!

Hope this helps :).