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I'm Trying To Be Macro Aware. Any Advice Or Opinions Out There?

Hey everyone.

I am actively lifting three days a week and for a moderate amount of time (1 to 1.5 hours) and a healthy amount of weight (around 10k in volume). I weigh 181 lbs, am 35 and am 5’10".

I have been struggling to understand the nutrition aspect of this, regarding calories and macros. In using a calculator online, I came up with a baseline of 1800 calories and a TDEE of 2800 calories. This came out to 175g protein (just under 1g/lb of my weight), 62g of fat and 385g of carbs. I got to these values by myself really, basing the protein on slightly below my body weight, so I’m not even sure if this is accurate for my goals.

I plan on using this as my starting point and just watch the scale, the mirror and my energy during workouts. My goal is to get some cut and lose my love handles while still building muscle size.

A little background on my supplementation,

I use ON Whey in the morning along with a multivitamin and fish oil.
Pre-workout I like some Green tea Extract, NO2 or coffee.
Post-workout I take ON Whey and my creatine.
And at night I like to take a Casein protein before bed.

I try to make up my macros throughout the day, other than that.

I find that recording everything I intake does help me to be more aware of what I’m putting in my body and I’m hoping I’m on the right track to leaning out while still maintaining and improving my strength and muscle size. Does anyone have any tips, advice or thoughts if I am on the right track here?

I have found a lot of conflicting advice online, even with articles suggesting 2g/lb of body weight in protein and up to 10mg of creatine a day - Just seems absurd to me.

Thanks in advance!

This is really all you can do. Any macro ratio or target or whatever is going to be a guessing game at first. It’s only after you’ve been at it a while that you can tailor it to yourself.

For example, I personally like to hit a smidge over 1g of protein per lb of my bodyweight, 2g per lb for carbs and then fill in the rest with that. That suits my metabolism and training style just fine, whereas someone else will need way less carbs or maybe even way more.

You have your starting point and that’s great. The rest of your life will be spent fine tuning it so don’t worry about it not being perfect at first.

i am older {56}
i base my protein on estimated lean body mass 1 gram per pound
1 pound ground beef 10 eggs{whole} gives me 140 grams i round that out with milk ,fish ,or meat till i hit protein goal
bag of vegies ,some fruit
carbs cycled to days activity levels
used calorie counter for about 2 weeks to get used to hiting calorie count now count calories every once awhile to check my self

not really conflicting advice
alot of what you read or hear depends on goals,age, assistance

like yogi said :You have your starting point and that’s great. The rest of your life will be spent fine tuning it so don’t worry about it not being perfect at first.

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