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I'm trying a ckd- would Androsol and MD6 help?

Hey, I’m about to begin a very very low carb (10g a day) ckd… would MD6 help me to lose more fat and keep my metab. up? Also, should i bother with Androsol or is that best used in bulking phases?

You should definitely use MD6 with your diet. The ingredients in MD6 will help to keep your energy levels high when your carb deprived body wants to crash. Also, the thermic effect on your body will assist in burning some extra calories throughout the day. As far an Androsol is concerned, I personally haven’t seen any noticable difference in body composition while on it. Since most everyone else has, though, you might want to give it a shot. You really should use something to try to keep the old muscle from melting away. I’m giving Androsol a shot right now at 70 sprays in the AM only, with a full wash-off at night, while on a T-dawg type diet using the NEW MD6. No one has been able to give a definitive answer as to whether or not I should use that dosing schedule, or maybe use a 35 (or less) sprays, twice a day. Good luck, and less us know the details of the outcome.