I'm Too Sexy For This Tennis Court

Summary: Ball girls at the Madrid Open wore skirts and crop tops. Outrage ensued. They had to change. Apparently, this is a form of “sexual violence.” (See screenshot text.)

What do you think?

It doesn’t look overtly sexual to me. I just don’t see the issue so long as the women wearing the uniforms didn’t take issue themselves. Honestly nothing makes sense to me these days when it comes to gender norms.


You would think this would be the standard.

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Honestly, although I despise everything woke, this situation isn’t that clear cut.

The ATP Madrid tournament has been famous for years for using full time models as ball girls which stood them apart from most other tournaments.

Honestly, as a long time tennis fan it always felt weird or even seedy watching grown women in Madrid doing the work usually done by fourteen year olds elsewhere.

People are too sensitive. Those tennis outfits are nice, and women or even girls, aren’t supposed to look like boys/men.

I don’t see it as “feminizing” because they were born female, which in my opinion is awesome. Femininity is a virtue, and having beautiful feminine characteristics is a great thing- for women. Real female women. With all of their glorious girly parts.


Personally, I would prefer professional tennis have uniforms. Stay with all whites as it started in the 16th Century. I prefer a uniform code that honors its roots. I don’t care about the players desire to show their individuality. And yes. I am an old fuddy duddy.

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I know a LOT of women who are disappointed to find so many “cute” shirts are crop tops. Many of them would look fine in a crop top, but they don’t like the exposure. They don’t understand why the shirts can’t just include the bottom couple of inches of their torsos. I wouldn’t call these outfits “sexual violence,” but personally, I guess I don’t see why they couldn’t have made the shirts a bit longer. They look skin tight as is, so it’s not like you couldn’t still see the girls’ figures, if that was important to you for whatever reason, haha.

The above goes for other women’s clothing too. I know my mom can sometimes struggle to find shorts that aren’t too short, or jeans that aren’t skintight for my 11 year old sister. It’s not impossible obviously, and I think styles are changing, but it does seem like women’s clothing is often unnecessarily tight or revealing, and I know many girls who don’t always feel comfortable with that.

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It’s hot in Madrid. Crop tops and short skirts are light seems functional to me

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Right, but did these specific women who I am assuming knew the uniform when they were hired feel uncomfortable?

If they didn’t this is a fake issue. Someone outside of the group (it seems based on the posts, I don’t know the whole story) took issue with it and demanded a change. Which is apparently a working strategy in 2023.


The person who is outraged by this will drop dead of a heart attack if she/he sees women track and field athletes.

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I’m sure these women knew exactly what uniforms they’d be wearing when they got the job and presumably felt fine with it, so like I said in my first post, I wouldn’t call this sexual violence, haha.

I’m just saying I think it’s fine if someone questioned why women must wear crop tops. Even in track - why do men wear shorts and tank tops, while women wear basically underwear and sports bras? Like really, why the difference?

If a woman is fine with it, great. I sure don’t mind the way they look. I just question the defaults for women’s clothing. There’s plenty of ways to highlight the female body and still cover as much skin as men.

Maybe they know they have rockin bodies and aren’t ashamed to know it & show it?

Just speculating, of course. I’ve never been a female track athlete.


Well the (pro athlete) men don’t look too bad either and they usually don’t wear the same…

I went to a high school track meet the other day and half the girl teams there were in the same outfits. Seems a little weird, at least at that age to not have boys and girls in the same thing.

You know, it is kinda weird. When my daughter played high school volleyball, her uniform completely violated the school’s dress code. And the boys play the same sport in regular shorts. Hmmm… Then again, sometimes the athletes have some say in their uniforms and maybe they wanted the booty shorts. :man_shrugging:

Back when I was in high school, some folks raised a stink about the cheerleader’s uniforms. They could wear skirts and crop tops that went against the dress code, but the non-cheerleaders couldn’t. Instead of loosening up the dress code, the cheerleaders had to wear what looked like 1950s uniforms. Everyone hated it (mostly the cheerleaders) so they went back to old ones the next year.

Maybe some do, but I doubt all girls at high schools and colleges across the country prefer the booty shorts. Given that boys and girls play many of the same sports and their uniforms are almost always different, it does feel weird. Especially when the girls are not 18-20 year olds, but sometimes 13-14 years old.

I’m not saying there’s some creepy conspiracy, just that it’s… sometimes weird. That’s it.

In many sport, the dress code is under regulation. I think that the staff should not attract attention.
In this case the show should be the players not the ball girls or boys.

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I mean it’s Spain. I assumed they all walked around naked half the time anyway.

Sprinters usually wear unitards. If men wore the skimpy, basically bikini, bottoms women wore, they would have issues with their junk popping out.


I think they were about to close the gender pay gap in sports.

It would be the first and only tennis match I’ve ever considered watching. Feminists ruin everything.


I’m so tired of perpetually outraged people being threatened and horrified by attractive women if they dare to wear clothes that are complimentary and appealing.

Worse is how easily and swiftly, craven organizations capitulate to that fanatically vocal minority.