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I'm too Old to Understand a Torrent


Okay, I admit it, I have no clue how to use these, but need to update my copy of flash on my laptop for a freelance gig (the producer is using a much more recent copy than I have).

COuld one of you 'young fellers' explain to me in simple-speak how to get a hold of the file, so I can toss it on a flash drive and install on my laptop?





basicly a torrent is not the data you are downloading

a torrent refers to the data, the real data comes from other users (seeds and peers)

you get sent small bits of this info from each person and as you are downloading you are uploading the data you already have to help.

get something called Utorrent its small and easy to use.

http://netforbeginners.about.com/od/peersharing/a/torrenthandbook.htm this is also basic info


google for said torrent, download said torrent with said torrent client, install and crack said downloaded data (read the nfo).


[quote]dpower wrote:
google for said torrent, download said torrent with said torrent client, install and crack said downloaded data (read the nfo).[/quote]

the nfo opens up with atxt editor like notepad or wordpad
right click on nfo and open with one of them

if you just click it it wont work


Thanks guys. I DLed UTORRENT, and guess now it’s looking for folks online to grab pieces of the software from… although it’s been about 5 minutes, I understand this make take a while. IS this something where you typically leave your computer on all night for?



[quote]The Mighty Stu wrote:
IS this something where you typically leave your computer on all night for?

I do. You could try looking for other torrents containing the same material, see if you can get more people to seed that way (so it will download faster).

Btw, I like the new avatar. Cool pic.


Basically just download a torrenting client (utorrent is the one i use). Then go to minonova.com or piratesbay.org, enter adobe flash cs4 (im guessing this is the one youre looking for) and download it. There should be a text file inside with info to crack flash so u can use it free.

^ link for flash cs4

Yeah that is what you usually leave ur computer all night for lol. Sometimes the download goes slow when theres more leachers(people downloading) than seeders(people uploading). Flash is about 900mb so depending on your internet it might take a day.


Okay cool, thanks guys. Have two versions of it going. We’ll see which one wins the race.

Pony- thanks bro, my training partner wanted me to see how vascular I been getting since cutting, so he snapped it last week and I couldn’t not put it up here! -lol



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[quote]hardgnr wrote:
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[quote]hardgnr wrote:
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here a few helpful tips…

  1. Use uTorrent (one of the best torrent program)
  2. Install PeerGuardian 2 (blocks certain IPs)
  3. Try to get an invite to a private tracker (only noobs use public)

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[quote]JD4520 wrote:
hardgnr wrote:
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and ya peerguardian is cool it a second firewall basicly

I used to have accounts with demonoid and such but forgot the passwords lol


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Buccaneer Stu -

Another useful link is portforward.com, in case you are having trouble sharing properly (being “connectable”) with others. Play around with uTorrent for a bit and you’ll figure out what I’m talking about.

Once you do get on a good private site or two (Demonoid is a nice enough site, but it is far from private) you won’t need to waste your time with Peer Guardian and its false positives… and your downloads will be much, much faster.



OKay guys, 1stly, thanks for the answers, I was able to get copies of everythign I needed. There’s been a problem though, my laptop, a gateway tablet model has had a ton of probs since I got it, and I presently have most of the startup programs disabled. Customer/tech support sucks, and I actually sent the thing back 3 times before I was able to get some work done (they refused to give me another one, and I would never give them my business again because of this)… but… here’s the issue, I’m running on Vista, and when I try to put the newest Flash (cs4) on it, I’m told that I don’t have the minimum system requirements, and I need the Service Patch 1 or greater.

Can I DL this patch onto my desktop, copy it to a flash drive and then install on my laptop? I tried DL it from the microsoft site (with my desktop) and it started detecting what system I was on and all that nonsense… I can’t hook my laptop up to the internet for some odd reason, so the whole flash-drive-transfer is really my only option. Would this Microsoft patch be available on a torrent, and a stand alone file, or am I going to have to get a lower version of flash?

Seriously guys, thanks for all the help. I’m pretty good at actually ‘using’ the computers (Photoshop, animation programs etc), but will reasily admit to being a spaz otherwise -lol



Ah! forget it, I hadda wait a while on microsoft’s website, but I got a link to DL the patch to another computer.

Hmnnnn of course now I don’t recognize any of the setups for Flash CS4 (I was still using MX!)



Nope, just this one

[quote]hardgnr wrote:
Your all fucking pirates.[/quote]


[quote]ahzaz wrote:

^ link for flash cs4


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[quote]tribunaldude wrote:
Nope, just this one

hardgnr wrote:
Your all fucking pirates.


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