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I'm Thinking of Running Tren on Top of Tren E

Hi guys I’m back on cycle and have been given a free trie tren at 50/50/50 I was going to jump straight on tren enanthate 200 1ml ew but thinking adding tri tren into the mix and. What’s your opinion. How many times should I add tri tren into it

Have you run tren before?

Yeah I ran tren e at 1.5 ml last cycle it worked well

So blends are sort of stupid. You still have to pin based on the shortest ester, which in this case is the acetate. So EOD probably? If you have the enanthate then maybe run it as planned and save the tri for another run? Just because you got it for free doesn’t mean you need to use it right away, you know?

Yeah that’s fair enough cheers my concern was due to the short ester but you have cleared that up for me. I may just run it as a pre load and pin eod. The ace will work until the hex kicks in then the e. Im happy to try it out as I am good on tren.