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I'm the Juggernaut


Given all the controversy of Vinnie Jones as the Juggernaut, I think we need to see the Juggernaut in another light:



Sounds like Denzel Washington.


FUNNY SHIT! :smiley:

Although I don't like the fact that ol Juggs is getting pushed around too much. Back when they were fighting him with Colossus he was really unstopable but here even Jubilee and those guy's guns made him falter.


That is some funny shit!


nice to see the true super power in the marvel universe make a cameo.....Gladiator is the baddest mofo of all.


That is the fuckin hilarious.


Awesome. We need a feature length release of this stuff...


Funny as shit.

"I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!"

I wonder how much Hennessy that took to make.


Thats awesome!


That was the best fifteen minutes of my day!


That video is made out of win and God.


HIGH-larious! The best superhero vid since the Superfriends "Whassup!".


that had me laughing my ass off at work.



mmm ya my pimp cane lol


I ain't goona use no rubber either, just look at my costume!


Another link:


"But I'm the Juggernaut Biiiiiiiiiiiitch"



Edit: I forgot to mention... Since I've seen this masterpiece, I've been riding around on my scooter saying "I'm the Juggernaut, bitch" to the cars at stop lights, and then throttling away, laughing my ass off!


had to bump this so my recent thread makes sense :-p