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I'm Talking Big Z and Rob Wilkerson Strong


I've heard people say guys that strong are on some type of steroids. Big Z obviously being freakishly big and strong, and Wilkerson..putting it nicely has a higher body fat % but still strong. I can see why they think that..is it possible to do what they do? Zydrunas squatting 715 for 7 raw and Wilk squatting 1000 raw.

Can you be that strong without steroids? If not then dream ruined. ( A.) I wanted to do those things drug free. ( B. ) I'm horrified of needles they make me sick, just sayin


Sorry to break it to you man to compete at that level you better get over the needle phobia.



Hmmm that sucks, but don't they get tested? I thought world's strongest man and other powerlifting comps were drug free. So those 600lb benchers and 900lb squatters were on roids like Big Wilk and others?


People need to stop worrying about limits. If that is your dream, then do it. If 10, 12, 15 years from now you have become the best you could drug free and realize that you need to take steroids, AND your dream means that much to you, then do it. I'm willing to bet you aren't even close to the best you can be drug free NOW, so why already be looking for excuses as to why you can't reach a certain level, with or without drugs.

Work hard for a long, long time. Who knows what you will be able to accomplish naturally? The thing that is going to make the most difference isn't steroids, it's whether you sit around contemplating whether or not you can do something, or you just go out and keep trying until you're better than you ever imagined possible.


True, thankfully I'm only 16 so I got years to get good. I just wanted to know if those guys were on steroids because I heard mixed answers in the past about it


BOOM....Best advice I heard in a while! Nicely put N.K.


Who cares? Get as good as you can within the limits of what you are willing to do. If you arent willing to shoot up, set your sights on tested records.

Lets please not turn this into another shitfest argument over whether roids are cool or not, too.


No alot of powerlifting Federations are not drug tested and Strongman is not drug tested at all.


Are they juiced? Probably, I dont care to be honest. They inspire, regardless. Can you even imagine what 1200lbs feels like on your back, or 900 in your hands? It's a wonder the human body is even capable of sustaining that weight, even with steroids. I've heard big benchers talk abput feeling their BONES flex when they unrack a weight. Who cares if they juice or not? Whats amazing is that the human machine can even handle the strain, even if they've got extra hormones floating around to help them recover from using a weight that insane.

Also, my stance is summed up by Dave Tate when he was asked this question--"i've seen guys who I would swear up and down HAD to be using to put up those numbers--who you could have asked me and i'd have said 'yeah theyre loaded' walk away from a meet and tell me 'hey man, i'm thinking about starting using. What do you think?' ...and i'd just think--wait, what? You did that natural? Can you imagine what he's goimg to do now that he's using?" Like, we're talking 750, 800+ lb squats and shit here. If thry impressed Tate, they can't be tiny weights. That guys seen it all.

Basically, the only people that whine about how "so and so MUST be using!" Are fucking pussies who want an excuse for why they suck balls at life and lifting and being lean. Theyre afraid to do the fucking work day in and out, weekend day in and out, YEAR in and out, thst it takes to get really good and they wanna blame something that makes them feel better about failing and being undiscipline...OR unwilling to think, learn, and open up their minds (you have to be smart to make it past the plateaus and they get worse the netter you get).

Basically, somebody put it this way on another one of these types of threads in Bodybuilding forum. Question: who do you think is using? Can you tell if somebody is using Roids by how they look? & responded sarxastically "Anyone more muscular or leaner than me is using." Lol.


You are 16, worry about getting your drivers license for right now. Not if years down the road when you might not even be lifting if you have to take steroids to ____ lift


The video that was taken from is a great 10 minute clip, ive watched it several times


Steroids are definitely not the be all and end all man, and Big Z competed in the IPF, there's a very good chance he's clean, he's simply huge. Either way, he was clean in the IPF and hit some huge huge weights.

Bottom line you can get very strong without steroids.

What people seldom think about, is that injectable testosterone lowers collagen synthesis by over 50%, this is not good for the joints at all. As well, your tendons do not recover as fast as your muscles, add steroids into the mix and your muscles are now strong as hell, with weak tendons and ligaments. Many a powerlifting career has been ended by steroids.

Slow steady consistent gains are always the way to go. Getting too strong too fast ruins form and opens you up to injury.

Furthermore... The most impressive lifters I've seen are the ones that got huge lifts, and got to an elite level, then went on steroids, and went straight to the top.

The ones that started too early hit the wall much sooner, and never got to near an elite level.

These are things I've seen with my own eyes.

Wiat until you're 25, then you can consider it, until then they will simply hold you back.


There are drugs in strength athletics, top to bottom.

The guys at the top are there for the same reasons most other guys get to the top of their sport;

1) They outworked everyone else
2) They wanted it more than everyone else
3) They were blessed with the genetics to make it to the top
4) If they had something to take that would help their training, they probably took it

Like it or not, genetics are a part of athletic performance. Look at that dude from Russia everyone is talking about right now, I think his first name is Krill. He's 6"5 and 375lbs at 22 YEARS OLD, he also just benched 694 raw and pulled over 800 raw. That guy was BORN to lift heavy shit. It would take most people a LIFETIME to even come CLOSE to those lifts. Compare that to a lifter like Mark Bell who is in his 30's, takes his training VERY seriously, is very smart, has taken drugs and is highly motivated, yet Mark is still chasing both of those numbers. What is the difference between the two lifters? Genetics, plain and simple.

If you want to squat 1000lbs raw, go for it. Only you know how far you can take it.


I wont even bullshit you, at the top level with a few exceptions, yes they use steroids. But most got to that level first and then as everyone has said, decided to take it to the next level. With the programming and information out there these days most anyone, if they bust their ass for a long time, can achieve impressive numbers sans drugs.

You are young, you could grow 4 inches tomorrow and completely change your leverages. Also maybe you want a certain job in the future and at this job you have to get drug tested randomly as I have to. So worry about all that shit after you have lifted for a long time and have fully got your life in order. At that point you will decide if it is worth it.

On another note don't look to top level performers in sports to be your heroes/role models. Heroes are soldiers, doctors, firefighters, police officers etc...

Try this if you squat 315 right now put all your focus on 365. Then when you hit that level focus on 405. Keep doing this and you may surprise yourself about just how far you get. Shit Mike T squats close to 900lbs in the USAPL. Impressive numbers are possible!


As an addendum to this...

...if you are worried about your health or being "fit" or whatever the hell is the newest buzz word these days, don't powerlift. Don't take steroids. Don't even try to get strong. There is nothing healthy about lifting weights heavy enough to tear tendon from bone.

Paul Carter has a pretty good series of posts on "Darksidin'" on his blog:



cool blog, I bookmarked and I'm going to check it out later.


Alright when you said big benchers say their bones flexed...I can't make out if that's good or bad cause that sounds nasty as hell


It sounds fuckin awesome to me haha

Think about that, they are benching enough weight to bend bones.


It does until their shit snaps