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IM T for my Wife?


First time post here.

To start off, 38 yo male, wife and 3 kids. I've always been athletic but last year I felt like a 70 year old man. Typical low T symptoms sent me seeking help from our family MD. My total T was low normal but my free was at the very bottom of the scale. Started on Cyp IM twice monthly. Currently self injecting in quads 100-110 MG once weekly. Things are better.

Now, strangely enough, my wife had similar symptoms. Biggest issue was wacky mood and absolutely no energy. She had been working out 6 days a week due to harder to lose weight. Talked to her about overtraining and I convinced her to have her hormones checked. Everything came back in range (checked myself) except fot T and cortisol. Free T was bottom of range and cortisol was low but not as bad. Started on 3mg trouch once a day. Worked at first (more energy, great sex, and better mood). For last few weeks, T doesn't seem to be working as well. She is now at 4.5 mg, split 3 times a day. Doc doesn't have any answers.

I've read that sublingual T can have absorption issues and the short half life can cause spikes and troughs throughout the day. My question, can women be given Cyp IM to overcome possible absorption issues? Our doc says no, it's not for women but I'm thinking T is T. I did see one site that mentioned 50-100mg once a month. I would think going lower and more often would be better.


hey there welcome onboard.

100mg once a month would be a terrible idea.

you need a lot more tests and you need to post the results here.

don't underestimate the impact of poor cortisol.... what about you and your wife's TSH levels? D25-OH, ferritin, magnesium, progesterone, estradiol, etc. etc. etc.

have you read any of the sticky threads at the top? weekly shots are doable, but E3D is even better.


You need some thyroid numbers. Probably perimenopausal. Both of you should check waking body temps and find peak temps during the day and come back with that. Common thread is what you both eat and if one is low on iodine, both will be. Iodized salt? Using iodized salt or sea salt.

All women in their 30's have declining progesterone levels and become estrogen dominant. The best outcome is using 2% OTC progesterone cream. But absorption might be poor if thyroid status is poor.

Women might do well with 7-10 mg T per week. Be very careful what you read and do.

Doc said her hormones were normal? Meaningless. Women have great individual variations in what there levels are and what they should be. And levels change all over the cycle. We labs done near day 18?


my wife uses sublingual progesterone compounded by a pharmacy, but there is some OTC available, but I can't vouch if the OTC stuff works or not. the compounded sublingual is great.

my wife had the same issues I had with absorption. did great at first, then levels started dropping again.

supplementing low levels of DHEA might be a safer alternative to straight T.


Funny, my wife just found out her T is low also (And mine was diagnosed low about a year back)....

I wonder if there is an environmental variable to it all? Or maybe it's diet related....

I just find it odd that 2 people living under the same roof would come down with low T within 9 months of each other...

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