I'm Still in a Caloric Deficit?

Well since 2 weeks i started my bulk on small surplus my weight went up 2 kg but now its doping down.
I feel steonger my lifts go up but weight well hmi post screen.
72 kg 3000kcal atm somwdays i even 3200

I wanted to add i was on 2300 kcal diat aince 10 months

Those are very small daily fluctuations, absolutly normal. It will up and down by those small amounts but as long as you are eating enough if will creep upwards over time, 2 weeks is nothing.

Stop worrying. If your lifts are going up and you are feeling stronger then all is well. If you really just want to see the scale go up faster, eat more. You will still get the daily up and downs, maybe switch to once a week weigh ins.


I once stood on the scale with an empty cup that could fit 250ml of water in. I then filled that 250ml of water and stood on the scale again. There was over half a pound of difference. I never again worried about day-to-day fluctuations.

Just recently on my cut I went from 193.6lb one day to 195lb the next morning. Water, sodium, stool etc make a big difference. Focus on trends over longer periods.


Oke im chilli but i dont know what my Activity isni di 30000 steps a day im working hard abd hitting gym 3x weekntondo.my 5x5 fbw in 2 weeks i went from 57 bench 5x5 to 62kg hehe
Idk what acale should i use to calcukate my energy usage

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Sometimes after a long deficit you have trained your body to burn fewer calories. Like “metabolic adaptation.” Then when you start eating more you rev up your metabolism, and burn more calories than you did during the cut when metabolism was slower.

Like the other dudes said, small fluctuations are nothing to worry about. But if your weight keeps dropping you’ll want to eat more! At first it seems strange to take in more calories and still lose weight, but don’t freak out.

Getting stronger every week while pounding food and still losing weight is what Lean Gains feel like.


Progress and results are what you use to calculate.

Try this…

Weigh yourself tomorrow morning, write down your rep prs.

Eat the cals you are currently eating and lift hard for 2 weeks.

At the end of the two weeks weigh yourself and write down your new rep prs.

If both weight and prs are up then keep doing exactly the same for the next 2 weeks, then reassess.

If weight is down, or prs are down, eat alot more.

If weight and prs are the same, eat a fair bit more.

If weight is up but prs are down, then training needs looking at.


Thank u all for a profresionak words ; ) i think im getting musscles my wife telling me im growing in eyes ao maybe im getting legendary lean gians hehehee. Love u all <3

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In this case cab my body still burn fat? Cuz ik at 15% body fat abd decidwt to bulk due to 10 month diat

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Yeah, for awhile anyway. It won’t last forever.

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