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I'm Starting a New Program

Good morning from sunny Iraq. I am deployed and as you might think, it is pretty hot! I have started a new work out and I have gone with the option not to use supplements, which makes it very hard to maintain weight. I have posted a photo of where I am starting as; I placed it in the rate my physique section…Oh, bad idea if you can not handle feedback, good thing I am in a profession that requires that skill…Any way, if you have advice or just a comment feel free…to PM or post openly.

Nothing says military like a brutal farmers tan. I know the feeling.

  1. Supplements have a place. They are not necessary, per say, but can be extremely helpful when used intelligently. You should at least consider it.

  2. What is your program? You don’t have to be totally specific, but what are your goals?

  3. You have a reasonable amount of muscle to work with, how long have you been lifting? How frequently does your job allow you to work out?

Thanks for the feedback…We take alot of pride in our tan lines of anguish! I was thinking about Creatine, but out here…a Monohydrate probably is not the answer. I am actually doing a program that liquidmecury from this sit set me up with last week. It’s basically a slow increase in weight daily and by set. Today I worked on Bicep/quad/and back, at 3 sets each: 6-8 rep. I go almost daily exception of my every other day recovery. My meals are getting better, and I am maximizing calories as suggested with about 800-1000 additional daily and an additional intake of about 40 gr of protein. Thanks for reply, and I look foward to future dialogs.