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I'm speechless

From Tonguetied.us

A lawyer in Portland, Ore. Plans to argue that his client beat his two-year-old son to death because his ancestors were abused as slaves hundreds of years ago, reports the Portland Oregonian.

Lawyer Randall Vogt plans says his client, Isaac Cortez Bynum, whipped and broke his son?s neck and ribs because he suffers from post-traumatic slave syndrome.

The syndrome?s main proponent, Portland academic Joy DeGruy-Leary, claims that because African Americans never got a chance to heal from slavery and still face racism, oppression and societal inequality, they suffer from multigenerational trauma.

Sounds like a b.s. copout to me…

Wow. Some lawyers really will try anything, I guess. I can’t believe that his client would be so dumb as to think this is gonna work, but maybe it was his idea or something.

I had no idea post traumatic stress disorder could be passed through the umbilical cord like nutrients. Oh, wait, it cant. CROCK! when the hell will ppl quite blaming their actions on things that happened before any of us were born and TAKE FRIGGIN RESPONSIBILITY?

Here lies one of the biggest problems with our justice system. It’s amazing that a lawyer can dream up some “mental illness” in an attempt to get his client to walk (while milking said client for all he’s worth). Now, I’m not bashing all lawyers, only the few that get into the spotlight for their 15 minutes by manipulation, misreprepresentation and misinterpretation of the law. That should be a crime, in its own right.

Just my $.02

This is just another glaring example of how people don’t accept any responsibility for their actions and it’s another example of how lawyers are scumbags!

I wonder if there will ever be a time where you need to be ‘licensed’ to have children.

There are so many people who deserve to have children and can’t and there are just as many having children who don’t deserve them.

I will never understand accidental pregnancy and I will never understand any sort of mistreatment of a child.

I’d say bring back Capital Punishment (I think in some states you guys still have that, here we don’t… our justice system is atrocious!) but I have firm views on that, so I won’t digress.

He should be shot. Simple.


IT is too sad that you read about these stories in the news papers and on the news. What is really said is the poor little child? The focus is removed from the death of an innocent being to something this guy has never experience, he’s never been a slave himself. What is even worse, is the lawyers that line up at the door. Exploit a death and make lots of money. It really would not surprise he if he gets off and is award $10 billion. Breaks my heart. I don’t see how some people can sleep at night or live with themselves. As a father of 3 baby boys, if someone ever hurt them, they would not make it to trial! I just cannot imagine what the little baby was thinking when all this was happening.

They shouldn’t even waste a bullet on a cocksucking douchebag like that.

Nevermind a jury.

Stress from being a slave? What is he like 180 years old. Heck, he might get off with some of the liberal fruity shit coming out of that area. He probably doesn’t even know his ancestry. They probably weren’t even slaves.

Doogie, I gotta agree with you this time. Sounds like a lot of bullshit! I believe people have to be accountable for what they do instead of blaming the “rest of the world”.