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I'm Sorry T-Nation

Fellow T-peoples,

I am writing this as an apology for screwing up. I did it in the Off Topic section because I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to do this in T-Jack.

I missed my review deadline for the Hydryx workout towel. For some stupid reason I thought the deadline was the 27th when I went to post my review on the 26th the e-mail from T-Jack said my review needed to be in by the 24th.

I feel like a real peice of shit because here is a free site that is possibly the best web site in the world. The Members of our club are the coolest people on earth and the guys who run everything flat out rule ass. Chris, TC, Tim, I’m sorry for letting you guys down. It really pisses me off when someone takes advantage of something great that is handed to them. Unfortunatelly I have only myself to blame. (This is not an attempt to get my T-Jack priveledges back, I know I’m done.)

I don’t feel right in taking something for free when I didn’t hold up my end of the bargain. I sent an e-mail to Chris asking if I sould send the cost of the towel and shipping to T-Nation or to Hydryx. I will also post my own review of the product below.

Again Sorry everyone,


My review -

The Hydryx workout towel was a pretty cool item. I was amazed by the way it stayed so cold even on a really hot day. Luckily the day it came in it was 95 here and the humidity was close to 98%. And my lawn needed mowing. I threw the cold wet towel over my shoulders and neck and mowed half of my lawn. I stayed fairly comfortable and only had to stop and wipe down twice. I then finished mowing without the towel on and had to stop about six times to wipe sweat from out of my eyes and from all over my body. My glasses almost fell off once because I was sweating so much.

I also did a workout in my garage the next day. My garage is generally 10-15 degrees hotter than the outside air temp during the day. The towel works great at absorbing a ton of sweat and it is great for staying cool on really hot days.

Quality - The Quality was very good. The durability was great, very tough yet soft. The towl just looked like it was a quality item, very neat and well made.

Pros - Great for hot days, stays cool and absorbs a ton of sweat. This was awesome for wearing as a cold pack when mowing the lawn. I could also see taking it with me on a hot bike ride or run.

Cons - I’m not so sure I would use this if it weren’t really hot out. Also, the feel of the fabric takes a little getting used to, it almost feels a tad bit slimey. The size was a little too small to wear comfortably around the shoulders, and I’m not all that big. Maybe a few more inches of length would help it out here.

Overall Rating - ****

Comments -

I thought this was a very good item, allthough maybe not for what it’s intended purpose was. I probably wouldn’t use it as an everyday gym towel. I would however use it to stay comfortable on really hot and humid days.

Apology accepted.

Thanks for taking responsibility!