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I'm Sore!

Just thought I'd share with you boys that I've been off now for close to 3 weeks and I'm pretty sore. I ended my cycle and took a week off of ANYTHING except for protein powder and lots of detox tea, cranberry juice, and things to help with my hdl/ldl, prostrate, cortisol, and estrogen...well I guess that's not really anything? My pct started today nolva, rtd in place of clomid, igf-1, creatine ethyl thunder, Alpha Male, celedrin, venom, transdermal 6-0xo, and a little left over Carbolin 19.

It's just kinda ironic that I've almost forgot what being really sore is like. No matter how hard I train when I'm on I generally dont' get that sore. I kinda missed it. Although today is leg day and I doubt I'll miss tearing up every time I sit down to take a shit...or struggle to get up.


maybe it is time to take a break. the other best pct is some good rest.


Stop trolling up good posts raul!!


what, no low grade beaver tranquilizers?



I appreciate the Dodgeball refference and I did take a week and 1/2 break.


Raul, nice know you are still making people shake their heads.

Wideguy: I feel your pain. I was in my 5th week and doing fine. I caught the flu: fever, upchucking, shits, and I haven't worked out since last sunday. I started feeling sick Monday morning. I was going to go out around 10 weeks but with this "lost" week, I don't know yet. I am still very weak and trying to take in as much fluids as possible. Whats your opinion?


You're on cycle and you're sick? But you've only been on for 5 weeks?


Next week will be the 6th week. The fever just shut me down. I couldn't go to work or anything. I'm just starting to feel better today. I was planning to just take the weekend off and get some strength back, and try to start off slow Monday evening with a back workout. As for the cycle, I have never experienced this situation before.
Sorry for changing the subject of this thread, but I seen the opening.....

Thanks for your time Wideguy.



not to jump on the band wagon, but i also have fallen ill not a cold though.
also five weeks into my cycle i pulled a muscle, was'nt that bad at first until i did some light weight leg presses to see if it would loosen up, and would'nt you know? it got worse. had to go to the emergency, got some vicoden and methocarbomal for the pain.
so now i need to go get a freaking MRI to see if i tore anything.
always happens to me around the beggining of winter, never this bad though.


Well if I just had a cold I'd lower my dose to a pct range and "coast" till I got better. Assuming it didn't take too long.

Obviously with a muscle injury you should really watch things closely and consider cutting your losses and starting pct. In 5 weeks both of you should have SOME GAINS.

NO point in dicking around with your htpa and everything else that comes along with juice use if you're not on top of your game IMO.


I have had some really good gains. Some good size and strength and my cardio has helped with fat loss. I was pushing myself pretty hard. I guess being tired made me more apt to take the flu. I feel pretty good this evening. I could cut my losses or keep going. Either way I think I'm OK.

God Man, you grouped me with Raul. I know you didn't mean it. Shit, the next thing you know Snipeout will be calling me a troll!!!!!
LOL. Thanks WideGuy.



Never that willie... As for you raul I call TROLL!!!!!!!!!


3 weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of things...I have been off a little under 4 mos. and feel pretty damn good...I think it's more psychological than anything because people still tell me I look great despite being off AAS.



Mike how did ur injury recovery turn out?


Agreed Katz 3 weeks isn't jack shit. I just forgot what it's like to be sore...it feels like the embrace of an old familiar friend. WOw that sounded kinda fruity, I'd say it was the clomid talking but I'm not on any.

BTW anyone on here have any experiance with or no about atd. It's the main ingredient in rebound xt and ultra hotter. I've seen many impressive writeups and lots of good feedback on other boards about it.


I'm doing Rebound XT after Trenobol 1x4 and Superdrol 1x3 for 3.5 weeks. I feel more pumped and larger than when I was on it!

I like it. I'm also taking Carbolin 19 1x2 and Methoxy-7 2x2. I'm also doing Alpha Male and M as prescibed for PCT.

I feel better now than on cycle. I was sluggish and tired 2 weeks into my stack.


You tha man snipe...



What's your rebound dose look like?


3x per day.


Well I'm going to say that it seems to help seminal volume.