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I'm So Weak!

I’ve been training for last 4 years very consistently, with about a week break every 2-4 months so as to avoid overtraining. I’m 21 years old, 6ft’1" tall, about 220lbs @ 11-12% bodyfat. Hopefully I can attach pictures but everytime I try to install the software onto my PC it makes it revert into safe mode so I have to revert to last previous good save. Anyway enough foolishness, I bench 255lbs, squat 405, and deadlift 405. My bench hasn’t changed much more than a few pounds since my after my first year of training. All this without suits or anything life that. I haven’t taken any steroids or anything. I’ve been training in the typical ‘bodybuilder’ sort of way and until just recently gone to the powerlifter style(like2-3months), focusing on speed with submaximal weights. Anyway, I’ve been told I’m genetically gifted, I went from 130lbs to 190lbs in my first year of training and could still fit easily into the pants I wore at 130. My strength went up fast for the first year or so, but then it seemed like it basically became stagnant. Am I just genetically doomed to be big but weak? Or am I doing something wrong in my training?
47" Chest
34" Waist
18" Arms
26" Legs
17" Calves
All of these measurements are done ‘dry’. If someone here has experienced this and has overcome it please share what you have done.


Outline your diet and training program.

My diet,

Breakfast -
chicken breats, or strips
peanut butter sandwich

snacking consistently between breakfast and lunch

mostly high protein stuff

Lunch -
2 cans Tuna Fish w/ olive oil and cracked red peppers.
Some bread, goldfish(crackers), maybe a bananna or some type of fruit or a salad.

snacking consistently with different foods at least every 3 hours.

20-30g protein about 45min-1hr before lifting.
2 scoops Nitro Tech, 1 scoop, Micellar Casein Protein + Glutamine mixed in water after Lift + bananna or bread or something.

Supper - Pizza or something with chicken (I tend to go overboard here, sometimes eating an entire pizza, but normally about half, which is a crap load of calories) I don’t always have Pizza however sometimes a meal cooked by my fiancee.

Snacking, maybe cheese and chicken strips + fruit.

2 scoops Micellar Casein + 1 Scoop Nitro Tech + Gluatmine in water before bed.

ZMA, CLA, Nitric Oxide Booster, Multi-Vitamin, L-Arginie, L-Ornithine. Taken daily.

Workout Routine

Day 1(Just started routine Max-Effort Day)
BP 150 x 8
180 x 8
235 x 1 x 8

Face Pull

180 x 8
210 x 8

Behind the Neck Push-Press
135 x 8
165 x 8

Push Pass w/2kg Ball

1-arm cable kick backs

50 x 12
60 x 12

Push Up - Floor (bodyweight)

3 x 20

Ab and Oblique Work.

Day 2 (Dynamic Legs)

Squats w/Chains
1 x 45 + 80lbs (chains)
6 x 185 + 80lbs

Reverse Hypers
3 x 12

Backwards Belt Pull (Similar to sled dragging)
4 x 6 reps (length of room, abstract)

Cable Curls Ascending Super Set

Skip a Day

Day 3

Dynamic BP ascending set 30s Rest between set.
160 x 5
165 x 5
170 x 5
175 x 5
180 x 5
185 x 5
190 x 5

Dynamic Decline Cable Crossover
50 x 12
60 x 12
70 x 12

Dynamic Forward Press w/cable, (I adjust the cables so they are at arm level while I am seated on the ground and press normally)

Same weight as declines.

Wood Chops
3x12 whatever weight feels good.

Angled Pushup from Smith Rack.

Tate Press

Misc ab work.

Day 4 (Maximal Effort Legs)
3x255x3-5(concentric phase done as explosivley as possible and without equipment) + bench jumps (leaping up and down from a bench about 18 inches from the ground as fast as possible)



1-arm cable curls supersetted with straight bar curls.

Misc Ab work.

Take two days off and back to day 1, I keep a journal of all this stuff with my fiancee.

From the looks of it, you just need to move heavier weights. You have a “max effort” day where you are doing sets of 8 and box jumps? It ain’t cool being a jive turkey this close to thanksgiving my friend! IMO, you should pick a program from the training article archives, Strength Focused Mesocycle by Chad Waterbury for instance, and follow it to a T. If you don’t like “designed” programs, just concentrate on moving big weight with less reps. BTW, a 405 squat isn’t too shabby, but if that is true you should be using way more than 255 for your triples!

Work hard and you’ll get there.

This guy would definitely benefit from a few months of a 10-sets-of-3 based program.

[quote]AlbertaBeef wrote:
This guy would definitely benefit from a few months of a 10-sets-of-3 based program.[/quote]

My thinking EXACTLY.