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I'm so sick of pussies in the gym!




That pussy is still lifting more than one of the PTs at my gym.

No word of a lie...this one trainer (wearing straps and one of those Nike compression shirts) does DB bench, starting with the 5lb DBs.

Now I'd shut up if he went way above and beyond that..but he goes up to the 7.5s, the 10s, the 12.5s, the 20s, the 25s, the 30s and final set? No lie...the 35s.

I've seen this 4 or 5 times. Yeah yeah maybe I've missed the heavy stuff some other time...but c'mon, I doubt it.


Is the trainer a girl?

There are few PTs in my gym. One is over 220lb being around 5.8 (my estimate), but the rest...
There's one girl who bench presses with an empty bar. It's not my business, but I'd personally have a hard time following the advice of someone who doesn't seem to train at all.


I firmly believe that some people, for whatever reason, just have no idea what it is to work hard. You'd think a PT would know, but I guess not.


This thread is a let down. I was expecting another type of cat.

Oh well onto SAMA.


Aren't you living in Taiwan? That may explain it.


I dont care really

I can use all the 45's I can get on Leg day for Leg Pressing.

If no one else pushes themselves its on them, not me. Mtraining partners can go fuck themselves if they have an off day.

I will never understand why yall care so much lol


I understand your disappointment. But in defense of the thread, if it was that kind of cat it would have been titled " I love pussies in the gym".


That's true...after a while I've learned to lower my expectations, but this was a trainer.
I've seen such things as this all the time at the gym. I mean guys almost screaming while curling 20lb DBs....guys using straps while curling the 20lb fixed bar on the Preacher bench while a buddy spots them....guys walking on the treadmill at 1.8 kph, which is about 0.5 mph.
etc. etc.


I'm more sick and tired of the pussies on here, to tell you the truth.





so bitchmade


..says the guy who lied about his lifts, left the forums in a hissy fit and is now back and taking passive aggressive shots at the people who called him out.


Just read through the different threads and you will know exactly what I mean - there's more whining, gossiping and bitching on here than at a PMS Convention.


OK, but I just thought you were biting at the posters in this particular thread.


I work out in a small university gym and I prefer to share the gym with the cardio bunnies and mirror muscle guys they never want any of the stuff I'm using.

I was all dismayed when I saw the basketball team getting coached on using the squat rack. :frowning:

Also I have less guilty feelings about hogging the squat rack when "quarter squat guy" wants to use it.




Well it's not as though I use all my brain power or a lot of time when I turn around after my set to see some guy yelling as he curls an empty bar.
Also, don't think that I'm doing much more than shaking my head ( though usually not even that) and chuckling inside a little.


I quarter squat sometimes. I work my quads in all the degree ranges.


On a side note (hey, it's GAL), where in Taiwan do you live? I was there for a week (mainly Taipei) and loved it. But being a foot taller, and 60 lbs heavier than everyone helps the self esteem.