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I'm SO Sick Of Eggs...


What else can I eat in the morning... I've probably being eating some form of eggs whether egg whites, omlets, whatever for the last 10 years and it's getting to the point where I'm gagging as I'm eating them, but I know they are a super good form of protien, but just thinking about eating them is making me sick at this point.

I used to eat up to 18 eggs in the morning. I'm down to 6 whole eggs and supplemented my first meal with oatmeal and protein powder, but gotta figure something else out...

Any recipes you all use to make your eggs??? I've been putting a bit of milk in them, but that isn't helping either...

Any suggestions??? Should I start eating fruit loops or cocoa pebbles???




Maybe your just sick of eating shitty eggs. Try Egglands Best Organic eggs, that'll give you ten more years of satisfaction. Oh, and I wouldn't eat much more than 6 eggs every morning, no health reason, just because I think you could throw in some more fruits and nuts or something.


Stop thinking of 8am=breakfast and think of it as just another meal. There's nothing wrong with some lean burgers in the morning.....


I like some low-fat mozzarella cheese and sometimes some hot sauce on mine. It's been a few years and I'm still not sick of 'em. I figure it may be worth adding a couple grams worth of condiments (within reason) to eggs if it means continuing to get the high-quality protein that they provide.




Yea, I agree. I switched to those Omega 3 eggs (I think the chickens are fed flax seeds?) and they taste a lot better.

They seem to taste cleaner, the yolks look brighter, and they even seem to cook easier (I usually overcook them, or they stick to the pan, but not with these).

I also agree with the others about eating anything that you would eat at any other time of the day, except maybe to try and get more calories in the morning than the evening, and if you follow anything like the Anabolic Diet, eat most of your carbs then.

My breakfast is usually Quaker oats, and some Grow! protein drink (sometimes with milk), or sometimes microaved frozen veggies, a banana and tuna.


I drink a shake for my protein in the morning. Tried eggs for a while but I can't be bothered with the time it takes to cook em and eat em. I usually eat my mine in the evening as a P+F meal. Shakes or breast milk are definitely the breakfast of champions.


I love these pancakes...see my variation mid-way down



I'd split them 9 first thing and then another 9 later on. Not whole eggs either, probably 5-6 egg whites and then 3-4 whole eggs.

Thanks for all the info. I'm going to try those Omega 3 eggs...


I do a simple protein shake in the morning. that way I can change flavors anytime i want and I won't get sick of it.


If you've been eating that many for so long there's a good chance your body has developed an allergy (however small) to them anyway so give them a MAKOR break. The body will develop an allergy to many things if consumed very regularly.


If you arent too worried with your weight, here's a new take on cereal.

Its not all that too special sounding, but I love it. Grapenuts, with skim milk, mix in a scoop of banana Grow!, yum.

Sure the GI count is higher because its cereal, and it probably isnt that good for you. But I can think of plenty of worse things to eat and in a pinch, you still gotta eat something.

Flame on.


I've never heard of that. It sounds like some sort of nonsense made up by affluent first worlders with the time and luxury on their hands to get a food allergy to something they eat everyday so they can bitch to a doctor about it.

I would venture to say that vast parts of the world do not have access to the variety of food that we in the industrialized world have today. So they eat the same things everyday. Maybe different recipes, but the same foods. Yet I've never heard of anyone in Asia, for instance, getting rice allergies--but they eat rice everyday, with every meal (generalization, sure, but even most Asians I know in the states who immigrated, when they eat at home with family have rice, every meal). You could go to Mexico where corn and beans are pretty much staples eaten with every meal. They don't get allergies to them. Me, I eat oatmeal damn near everyday--I don't have an oatmeal allergy. Maybe its because I switch from steel cut to rolled oats to instant oats depending on how much time I have and prep I want to put into it--but you'd be hard pressed making a case that the cut of the oats makes a difference in whether or not I develop an allergy.

Given that eggs have pretty much been a common item for mammals for over one hundred million years (since way back in the day when our ancestors fed on dino and bird eggs), I'd be really, really surprised if genes that allowed for egg allergies were wide spread in the population. One would think such a sensitivity to eggs would have been selected out of an ancestral mammalian group long ago (and I believe most primates today will still eat eggs if they find them--if they found 18 eggs a day you can bet they'd eat them, and the next day and the next, and I don't think you're going to find that chimp needing an epi pen because he's going into shock from egg allegries).


This is exactly what happened to me. After eating eggs too frequently, I developed crippling stomach cramps usually followed by some form of extreme illness within about 20 minutes of consuming eggs. (This occurred with every possible yolk:white ratio possible!)

I just backed off for about 6 months, and now I can eat eggs again - miraculously! Don't take eggs for granted, I tell you. They is some fine fine food, done right.


18 eggs...? My hat is off to you, sir. My record is ten, but then there was some steak and spinach in that bowl, too, so another eight might not have fit.

Reminds me of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

Sing it, everybody:

[i]When I was a lad I'd eat two dozen eggs
Every morning to help me get laaaarge.

And now that I'm grown I eat FIVE dozen eggs,
So I'm roughly the size of a BAAAAAAARRRGE![/i]



I like eggs. But if you are absolutely sick of them, here's what you do:

You take all your eggs and put them under a lamp for a while until they hatch. Feed the resultant chicks for a few months (they will eat weeds, bugs, kitchen scraps, leftovers, etc.) until they become large, meaty chickens.

It is then a simple matter to slit their carotid arteries, drain their blood, chop off their heads with a sharp cleaver, pull out their internal organs, dunk them in boiling water and remove their feathers.

I prefer roasting at this point, but baking, boiling and frying are also acceptable options.

Eat, rest, repeat.

If this is too much trouble, you can always buy the pre-packaged variety at the butcher section of your local supermarket. Along with some beef, pork and fish.




I agree with forgetting about eating eggs for a while. Why would anyone want to continue eating something that makes them gag? Listen to your body, man!


I have the same exact problem, been eating eggs every morning, used to eat 4 whites and 4 whole scrambled, now im down to 3 whites and 3 whole because i seriously gag, i have thrown up in the sink twice after consuming them, it looked pretty nasty. The past month i have put eggs to an evening meal and just gone with a shake in milk in the morning. It kind of sucks because the shake really doesn't give me the nutritional value of the eggs that i need when i wake up, but you gotta do what you gotta do, i think after a few more months i will try moving them back to the morning. One trick i have found; buy some of those frozen hash browns, cook those and eat them with your eggs, it taste better with a fork full of hashbrown/egg


Large bowl of Oats with ground flax & whey

Fruit - Apple or Orange

Toasted whole wheat sandwich w/cream cheese and tuna

The latter is the only way to eat tuna!


I can eat eggs till I start laying the fuckers, but tuna, no way, can't eat the stuff unless it fresh steak grilled, preferably in a restaurant.


I eat my eggs every morning..with TONS of ketchup. Cause a) I have to hurry so I can catch the bus to school b) Eating 3 whole eggs then 5 whites is hardd plain so I use tons of ketchup and it goes down fast. I'm also definaetly getting sick of it though..damn eggs lol.