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I'm so lonely I could cry

Don’t make a damn card!? I agree with the guy who said that you should be the one calling girl. You should always get her phone number first and just randomly give her a call some night. Also try to go back to her place if possible after a night out, after a club, whatever. That always helps in trying to get a little something.

Chris, I would like to comment on the “women aren’t attracted to needy, lonely, desperate, pathetic-acting men.” I tend to disagree. Oh yes, quite a few of them are. There is a lot of women with “emotional baggage” that like to have around meek, pussified, obedient, sausage-like men. They are easier to push around and manage.

Reesh whats your location my bra? You anywhere in the Northeast? Good points…get out and meet poeple…thats the best…I DJ techno/house/trance at a local bar now, and i’ll tell you the ladies like a dj with skills…they also seem to like guys with some sort of status…sine i do not officially go to this college anymore, and do not play hockey here anymore, i have to find a way to get some type of “status” other than being that pretty jacked guy in the gym that no one really knows who he is.

Becareful what you wish for, you may get it. It’s party time now dude. Get off you ass and do something that you like. Go somewhere something. You are wasting time worrying about this. Some chick will put her claws into you one day and this single shit is gone forever. Relationships are hard, families are really hard…you have it easy, enjoy it now. Besides, you will find somebody when you least expect it. So don’t expect it.

Gee, it really is too bad. What could be worse than being a healthy young male in the richest freest nation on earth? I hope he doesn’t end it in public. Those guys usually do something messy like gargle Drano, or take a header of a freeway overpass. Jeez Drax, what a pussy you are. Go out and tag something, for chissakes.

Fuck. The next time I hear someone crying about how they can’t find someone I am going to scream. The pity shit doesn’t fly with women they want someone who is sure of themselves, this is not to be confused with being arrogant or an asshole that won’t get you any furthter than the crybaby act. Also never go out looking for someone because you won’t find what you want, the perfect woman (if there is such a thing) should hit you like a suckerpunch.

I think Hank Williams Sr. sang the original.

Vain68, unfortunatley I don’t live in the Northeast. I live in northern California, close to the Oregon border. So you’re a DJ, eh? My best friend is a DJ and he gets lots of box! Probably because without him, there would be no life at the party. Hey, best of luck with everything…hope you get some hot ass soon!