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im short, help me to be tall

ive been taking this growth powder which is meant to stimulate my hormones to make me grow tall, but it doesnt work. ive been trying all sorts of things like stretching and hanging excercises but it still wont work. Now im 19 and im only 6’6" and im slowly losing hope of growing. does someone out there think they have a solution that might possibly help? thanks

Do you mean 5’6"? 6’6" is pretty tall.

chicks like short dudes.

If you are 6’6" and want to be taller I may try to find you and shoot you. You probably won’t even notice my sawed-off 5’7" ass from up there.

I assume you mean 5’6", which is the height of Fred Hatfield who squats 1014. Get into powerlifting. Your build is a gift in the strength world. If you are in fact 6’6", quit bitching.

Nothing works.

I’ve heard that rolfing (sp??) is good for that. It’s basically an expensive torture massage that you get regularily for 4 months or so (I think).

You are only going to grow as tall as you are genetically predisposed to grow. Look at your parents and grandparents for an idea in that department. Most body builders tend to be on the shorter side, so you are in luck there. SOME girls like short guys, but most girls like their guys to be tall enough so that they can wear heels. At 5’6" you are not really all that short and there are lots of shorter chicks around.

I feel for ya! I’m 5’7" and most ladies I am attracted to are at least my height. I do agree with the heel thing as I was dating a woman that was my height, and when it came to “Dressing up” for a night on the town, she was limited to what shoes she could wear. Now on the other hand, I like my small stature. I fit my 929 (motorcycle) like a glove. I also feel my smaller limbs look more muscular + I have a better mechanical advantage than my taller friends…

Are you 6’6" or 5’6"? Either way, you’re still taller than me you complaining little bastard! So be happy! Besides, being small occasionally has its benefits. You save money on food because you don’t need to eat as much as the “big” guys. I couldn’t afford to eat if I was a lot bigger. I already spend $400+ in food each month. And if you’re worried about girls, don’t fret it. Most of the girls I’ve dated have been taller than me. In fact, the girl I’m dating now is 2 inches taller. So don’t let it get you down. Also, if you’re not 21, then you still have room to grow. As men don’t fully stop growing until that age.

You better not be 6’6" and complaining…