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The Budget "Super Committee" couldn't reach a concensus! (Oh, Lordy! What we's gonna' DO???)

They are supposed to officially announce their impasse tomorrow.





Will they print money and borrow even more? That has been the solutions of recent history shrug

I knew they couldn't stand to trim their fat wallets.


This is serious....the GOP will not agree to any big tax increase and the Dem's will not consider any significant cuts to the entitlement programs.

We are kinda gonna get fucked over with all the mandatory cuts that will be enacted.

People are so numb at this point that nobody cares.


That does it!

We need a Super-Super-Committee in congress to do this proper.


No the tyrant and chief can just do everything through executive order.


May I call it a super-duper-committee?


You may. It might just work.


And that what Obama wants apbt55, then they can and will blame the Repubs for not being able to compromise with Dems. That will be there line for 2012, the party of no.


Yeah that is presupposing we will make it to the 2012 elections without some major event.


Agree. Even if we have the election I'm not terribly optimistic of the outcome.


Who knows?


It's a shame we don't have a President who can lead. I'm laughing at the thought of a Ronald Reagan relying on a "super committee" to do his job for him. But I guess that's what you get when you elect a Senator with two years experience and zero executive experience. We're back to that whole vetting thing that the press neglected to do.

Regardless of Obama's political core this guy is a horrible leader.


I knew that he should have created a panel to investigate the feasibility of a super comity, which would have lasted 3 years, cost 1.5 billion dollars, required the services of several major Washington think tanks, and would have inevitably concluded that more time and money would be required to determine the likely outcome of a feasibility investigation.

This would trigger the necessity a senatorial sub-comity, whose powers would supercede the super comity, to properly direct, monitor and maintain compliance to the directive of the super comity. The investigative panel, on the other hand, would develop the necessity to have carte blanche budgetary and time table control over the both the sub-comity and super comity, due to the fact that it was created prior to either of them, and you can't have even numbered government entities checking and balancing each other in order to prevent gridlock.

Cuz thats the last thing Washington needs.


I'm disappointed, but there is a silver lining - now maybe Congress will do its job. A number of Democrats and Republicans are breaking ranks to pick up the dropped torch of the Super Committee. I have no illusions about a quick fix, but when 150 members of Congress can get behind reform, there is a kernel of opportunity. Maybe there will simply be a hard push to pass the Bowles-Simpson platform.

But, Obama didn't lead, and he won't - it's not what he does. For electoral politics, he needs a do-nothing Congress, so with this aim in mind, the last thing he needed to do was facilitate something. And, generally, that's just not what he does, and we are seeing a trend - on the biggest challenges of the day, the president gets smaller and smaller, and the power to decide these issues drifts more and more to the houses of Congress.

That's ok, as far as it goes, but that isn't a trendline for a desperately "transformational" president.