I'm shitting salad

This is a bit of a weird question but…is shit supposed to always be “shit brown” Today it looks as if I tossed a salad in the pot. Green as green can be, it was actually pretty cool, I wanted to show others in my office but didn’t want to be “the weird green shit guy”.

The only things that I could think of would be, last night I ate some chicken breasts and I covered them in pesto (basil, olive oil, parmesan, garlic) and also I started taking glucosamine/chondrotin yesterday as well.

Whereas I have found a lot of info on smellypoop.com, no joke, I just wondering if everything is cool. I’m not really interested in your personal bowel movements such as size, color and frequency, but does anyone know what would cause this, is it normal.

NOTE TO T-VIXENS: T-Vixens, please do not respond, it is my firm belief that women do not shit, they simply fart baby powder. Don't ruin that for me.

I know it is a fact that purple colored food dye will turn your shit green. If you don’t beleive me go down about four glasses of grape Koolaid. Did you drink eat anything purple?

I think your fine

But that was a hilarious post. “greenshitguy” I about fell out of my chair. And sorry to burst your bubble chicks shit. I don’t know about vixens but fat chicks do.

ALPHA MALE WINS THE PRIZE. You’re right, last night while reading posts on T-Mag I ate that pesto laced dinner. I hadn’t really had anything sweet yesterday so I whipped up 2 quarts of Sugar Free Grape Kool-Aid. I drank it all. Thanks for the info.

Does anyone know of any other Kool-Aid flavors that could make me crap orange or blue.

I think I’m email the Kool-Aid corporation and let them know that they might have a new marketing approach for kids.

“Kids, have your mom pick up some Kool-Aids, shit colors and compare with friends. It’s fun for the whole family.”

Eating lots of black jelly beans will turn your shit green as well.

I ate an entire box of Bazoka Blue Berry Bubble Gum when i was a kid in about a 2 hour span. When i looked down into the tolet…the color of the kids i dropped off at the pool scareed the shit out of me. No pun intended. I ran to my mom and had her look at it. She seemed amused…
The next day i saw my mom chomping on some Bazoka.

I remember back in junior high school, we’d eat Fruity Pebbles or Boo Berry to see how green we could turn our shit. Grape soda works pretty well too.