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I'm Shaving My Head for Charity


You may or may not have heard of St. Baldrick's before. It's a fundraiser done each year to raise money for children's cancer research, and I've decided to go for it this year.

Long story short, well-meaning folks with hair-to-spare (such as myself) solicit donations for the charity (from awesome folks like you), and in exchange, I'll show up to an official St. Baldrick's event to get my head shaved.

So... yeah. I'm signed up for the March 13th event here on Long Island. If anyone wanted to chip in for the cause, here's my page:


Also, I've personally decided that for every $500 I raise, I'm keeping my head shaved for an extra two weeks. I suspect that this reason alone may cause my sister, or others, to go crazy with their credit card. :wink:


Edit: In case anyone's hesitant, the St. Baldrick's charity is on the up and up. They've been doing these events for going-on 11 years. Here's some info about their spending:


I've been shaving my full head of hair for months. Now, I'm gonna start telling chicks it's for charity. Thanks Chris!


that is genius and i might steal it.


I'm thinking of growing mine out for Locks of Love. I want to grow it out to see what it looks like anyhow. Might as well put it so some use afterward. So far I'm only at 2" out of the necessary 10 and this is the longest my hair has ever been in my life.


Good on you, Steel!

I'll be doing the same thing within the year. I want to make sure I have enough length so I can cut off the split ends and still have the required minimum for Locks of Love.

By the way, please post pics (before and after) when you reach "hippie" status.


I just got my head shaved as part of a racist gang initation. I'll just tell everyone I did it for charity. Good tip. Thanks, Chris.


I'd love to have any reason to shave my head again.
I did it about 15 years ago and loved it. I couldn't stop rubbing my own head.


They are talking about the head at the end of your neck. :slightly_smiling:


Saint Baldrick's and Locks of Love are great. I have known people who participated before.


I thought the thread was titled 'I'm Shaving My Head For Clarity', and was all like, 'Dood, ur doin it rong.'


Where ya been, V?




Just wanted to say thanks for the attention (on topic or not).

I've already reached 10% of my goal, and every little bit helps.


I let my hair grow for charity

For every 500$ I leave them in peace for another 2week


I've done this a few times. Where on LI are you doing this? They have a pretty big to-do in my home town.


I was just thinking about this the other day too. I've been growing it since about September and am getting pretty shaggy.

Should be good to go by April when the weather breaks.


I (randomly) decided to do the one at Jackie Reilly's in Bethpage.

It's turning out to be one of the larger local events this year, attendance-wise, but there are a dozen or so different Baldrick gatherings across the Island.


Big, BIG bump.

Guys, I've decided to try and raise 10,000 dollars for St. Baldricks Day. So I'm shaving my head and the whole bit.

I put up a blog about it, if you could please check it out?


Does shaving one's ass and pubes count?



If you make a donation...then yes.