I'm Serious, But Need Some Advice

Here is a quick overview of myself. I turned 20 in december, finally, considering everyone says that’s the min to cycle. I am 6’3" and 195lbs. I have been lifting since I was young, maybe 13, but got serious to play football in highschool. I found out that lifting was more fun, to me, than football, so I pretty much dedicated my sophomore year in highschool through my sophomore year (which I’m just finishing now) of college to lifting and gaining.

At first, and for a while, my gains were great. I was a fat ass kid until I got into my sophomore year of highschool really. I weighed about 256lbs (ok, not “about,” exactly) and I’m pretty sure I had some muscle, don’t think anyone could see it, but it was there haha. Anyways, I went on some extreme diets and shit and got down to a skinnyish 175. I was cut up, but kinda looked lanky and shit haha. So, I was an almost obese % of bodyfat back in my younger days, somewhere around oh, 48-50% and now I am about 18% bodyfat and since I was 18, I gained that 20lbs, which is kind of pissing me off haha.

I do not do that extreme diet shit anymore if that’s why you think my gains seem to suck, I eat right and a lot. I just seem to be gaining slower than I should…

So, to sum up my life story and cut the bullshit, I’ll just get with it. I was fat, then skinny, now I’m a bigger dude but bored of bitch ass gains and I’m fixing to cycle.

So, from what I read, in a bunch of places, is that a good first cycle includes 12 weeks of test e and nolvadex. I’m not possitive of the dosages. I see like 250mg test e like 2 times a week and nolvadex everyday but after the test e cycle.

Now, I know I’m not as smart about this shit as most people here would like me to be haha, but seriously, there is so much fucking shit out there that is completely ridiculous and fake and uneducated that I am amazed that I found this info without discarding it with the rest of the shit.

I have not started a cycle, I didn’t buy anything, I’m not a retard that figures that gear is gonna make me an animal. I just want to break through this barrier that’s pissing me off and get some info on how to do it, the right way.

Sorry I wrote a book here but I’m annoyed with these pussy gaines and eager to mix things up. If you got questions as to my workout sched and diet, just ask if it’s a necessary thing to know and any help will be greatly appreciated. THANNX!

Steroid newbie thread. Pun intended.

if your telling me to read it, i did, if your saying that this is one, it is, im new and I figure I could use some guidance

I shouldn’t be one to say that you are too young to start a cycle, but you are too young to start a cycle. Your progress is average, nothing exceptional has been done to merit the use of AAS. You definitely have time to gain lean mass without the use of AAS, if you decide to use it now you will hinder the gains you can make for the future. With a LBM of 160 you can should be able to pack at least another 15 lbs of mass on, if not more, with out the use of AAS. I suggest you do overhaul of diet, workout regiment, and overall habits that may affect anabolic activity.

However, knowing the eagerness of first time posters on T-Nation, if you do decide to do a cycle of AAS, I would suggest the following:

Week 1-10 300mg Testosterone Enanthate E3D
Week 12-14 40mg Nolvadex ED
Week 14-16 20mg Nolvadex ED

You can use a stasis taper if you prefer instead.

I still doubt you have done more than a few hours of research.

Before I give any input on a potential cycle, I must ask: What does your diet look like? From the rollercoasting of your body-fat over the last few years, I suspect you still have much to learn about proper nutrition. AAS are not a cure-all, they require a certain degree of nutritional knowledge as well as work ethic.

first, I’d like to thank you for your help and I understand that you are skeptical about helping a 20 yr old. my diet consists of 6-8 eggs, banana, cup of raisin bran in whole milk, and some ham in the morning. then I have 2 scoops of whey in water and creatine after workout with a banana. then i go home and eat steak or chicken and potato and a multivitmin.

Then, I eat chicken and salad and corn and a sweet potato after that and then normally some tuna and before bed whey again. but i dont have like a strict sissy, eat nothing diet. i eat sausage and burgers and a bunch of nuts and peanut butter (natural). Like i eat 6 times a day but its not the same shit and im getting calories.

but, honestly, i’ve done research, i just am a little nervous posting what i think i know here cause people seem to rip people up if they think theyre dumb, im just looking for help, and to get ripped, not ripped on hahaha

You have made good gains on your current plan, I was just suggesting an increase in your other activities as I did not know them, but they are generally the source of most problems. However, 20 lbs in two years is still good, not great, but good. You still should wait until you pack on about 15 more pounds at least or another 1-3 years before you start a cycle. This is being lenient too, I know some of the other posters would rip me a new one if I told you only a year and you are good to go.

Too young, bf% too high, too light for your height. You shouldn’t be anywhere near this forum. You need to spend your time in the nutrition forum.

If you don’t believe me, put some pictures of yourself up and see the kind of reaction you get on this thread.

Sorry to be so blunt, but you are just nowhere near ready to be using AAS.

[quote]Cortes wrote:
Too young, bf% too high, too light for your height. You shouldn’t be anywhere near this forum. You need to spend your time in the nutrition forum.

If you don’t believe me, put some pictures of yourself up and see the kind of reaction you get on this thread.

Sorry to be so blunt, but you are just nowhere near ready to be using AAS.[/quote]

Woah, missed that 6’3" there, I really should read these most more throughly. Good catch. Yea, gain about 25 lbs from what I said before. Lean as possible of course.


You’re kidding about all this right?

It’s funny how you claim you’ve done research too. You never made one concrete statement regarding your proposed cycle.

Something to keep in mind when trying to present an idea to a large amount of people is to be clear, concise, and direct. And you might want to throw out the “like” every other word.

So when you re-post here on this thread, give a straightforward statement. Perhaps use exact dose amounts, ancillary drugs and their dose, and your plans regarding your post-cycle recovery.


I’m sorry for sounding relatively dumb, just a little nervous about gettin’ torn up lol. my activities are cardio 3 days a week HIIT and lifting 5 days, monday through friday, tris chest monday, back bis tuesday, legs wed, shoulders thurs, and friday i get all my abs done cause they dont fit in too often because of school and shit. i was thinking of starting 12 weeks test e wtih deca and nolvadex (after the 12 weeks) but i dont know if i need arimidex. I heard it wasn’t completely necessary, just for flare ups, also, i heard deca isn’t necessary either but it’s used. This is just other people’s experiences though.

What are your lifts like?

Age inappropriate. 20 is too young.

You didn’t read the steroid newbie thread or you would know that most around here consider 23-25 a good minimum age. Not 20 like you claim.

Either way, learn to construct sentences properly. Follow that with proper punctuation and capitalization.

for chest:
4 sets flat bench (1 warmup) 3x8 225
3 sets incline bench 3x8 185
3 sets decline bench 3x8 185
4 sets dumbell fly 4x9 35

4 sets skull crushers (1 warmup) 3x8 85
3 sets rope pulldowns 3x8 85
4 sets kickbacks 4x10 30

4 sets wide grip pulldown 4x8 175
3 sets dumbell rows 3x8 90
3 sets tbar row 3x8 170
3 sets stiff leg deadlift 3x12 155

4 sets straight bar curl 4x8 100
3 sets preacher curl 3x8 80
3 sets hammer curl 3x8 40

4 sets squat (1 warmup) 3x8 250
3 sets leg extension 3x8 full stack
3 sets leg press 3x8 515

4 sets leg curl (2legs) 4x8 150
3 sets lunges length of our basketball court with 50lb dumbells
3 sets 1 leg curls 3x8 70

4 sets seated calf raises 4x20 180
3 sets calf raises standing 3x20 180

4 sets dumbell press (1 warmup) 3x8 65
3 sets front raises 3x8 35
3 sets mil. press 3x8 135

4 sets front shrugs 4x10 225
4 sets reverse shrugs 4x10 185

4 sets decline situps 4x30
4 sets machine crunches 4x30 150
3 sets rope crunches 4x20 140

I do cardio too, i run at 7 on the treadmill for 20 mins three times per week

hope thats helpfull, thanks

Its time to put some more time and effort into understanding all the different aspects of nutrition.

Your 6ft3 and havent even broke 200lbs yet. This while still close to 20% bf.

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I think the most outstanding issue is that which Cortes addressed: You are 6’3" and not even 200lbs. And at 18% bf. In my opinion, you need to pack on mass until you reach at least 215-225. Then come back. It shouldn’t be hard for you, considering how tall you are.

Okay, so I’ll reconsider starting a cycle at this point. I get that I’m too young but I was just figuring that I’d see what everyone had to say. But, I do still have some questions. First question is, if I work out in the morning, when else can I eat my protein except for after training? The second question is, well, not really a question but more of a “how so?”

I eat 6-8 eggs which is 36-48grams of protein and a cup of milk which has 8 so I am getting around 44-56grams in the morning, not 30. I don’t mean to be a prick haha, but I was just wondering where 30 came from. Anyways, thank you guys for the help, anymore would be great, too.

I think I have my English in line in this post :slight_smile:

Why are you not in the nutrition forum yet?