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I'm Selected for ElifteFTS Dud to Stud Contest


Shelby Starnes and Josh Bryant will team up with one of T-Nation's least illustrious members...me.

Who: Shelby Starnes (www.shelbystarnes.com), Josh Bryant (www.joshstrength.com) and deat (me)
Goal: Lose fat, retain as much muscle as possible!
Time: 12 weeks
Updates: On my T-Nation training log, elitefts.com logs and perhaps elsewhere

Original Challenge: http://asp.elitefts.com/qa/training-logs.asp?qid=133914&tid=163
Selection: http://articles.elitefts.com/articles/nutrition/we-seleted-a-dud/
Background: http://asp.elitefts.com/qa/training-logs.asp?qid=136578&tid=163
Before Pictures: http://asp.elitefts.com/qa/training-logs.asp?qid=136579&tid=163

My Training Log: http://velocity.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/blog_sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_log/deats_log


That's awesome! Those two definitely know what they're doing. It'll be very cool to see how this turns out. Good luck.


Kewl. And damn I think 1 of my arms is longer than both of yours put together, lol.


Yeah at 6'2" only have a 6'3" wingspan, it sucks for basketball and DLing...good for prehistoric reptile impressions....


Awesome, good luck man.

I just got done with a 12 week diet with Shelby, I am very happy with my results, the man knows his stuff.





Thanks dude, good to hear.


wow that is pretty sweet

will def be following your transformation

you are gonna look redonk dieted down


Luckkkkkyyyyyy... That's awesome, and it looks like you actually have enough muscle to be bad ass when dieted down. Ever been super lean before?


I've never been super lean before.
In the pictures on the left I had just finished my only "diet" as of Dec 2006 @ 195 lbs. The other pictures are of Dec 2010 @ ~270


awesome dude!!! I just read Shelby's log and saw the pics. I had no idea it was you, nice to see a fellow BOI member picked!!!


Good luck Deat. Sounds great. Congratulations and do your absolute best!


Feel free to keep us updated weekly or as often as you'd like


I look forward to seeing you progress!


Thanks Guys. I will give it my best, and I will definately provide updates.


That's great. Best of luck - you're a big dude - you should look quite impressive leaned out. : )


Thanks SkyNett.


Awesome bro! This should be really sick to follow. Where will you be logging it, I'd definitely like to follow.